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There are many people who underestimate it: many at risk of pericarditis and don’t know it. Here are the symptoms to monitor

Pericarditis is a pathology that is often underestimated and overshadowed by its symptoms, often but not always, rather mild. However, it is very important not to take anything lightly when it comes to your health, especially if it is science itself that says that there could be some worrying developments for our body.

Symptoms of pericarditis, Ilovetrading

Many times, in fact, the people who underestimate it are a large number of citizens who are probably poorly informed of what could be the complications of a pathology that should never be treated superficially. There are many, in fact, who are a pericarditis risk and not knowing it. Precisely for this reason, the control and information systems must be strengthened. Here are the symptoms to monitor to always stay alert.

Here are the symptoms of pericarditis to monitor

When we talk about pericarditis we are referring to one pathology which manifests itself mainly with ainflammation of the pericardium. This is nothing more than a particularly thin membrane that covers the heart and has a particular shape of a bag. As we said earlier, most often pericarditis manifests itself in mild form and its symptoms are particularly mild, so as to arrive at a clear improvement without necessarily having to appeal to invasive or continuous interventions.

But the outcome of pericarditis is not always benign or btw with very few contraindications. Sometimes, in fact, it can be a very dangerous pathology which, unfortunately, is often taken lightly. In these cases, in fact, it will be necessary to use drugs or, in extremely serious cases, go under the knife. There are many people who underestimate it and many are at risk of pericarditis and do not know it. Here’s what they are symptoms to monitor.

Heart pain
Symptoms of pericarditis, Ilovetrading

Among the most common symptoms attributable to pericarditis there is certainly the chest pain. This symptom is provoked by the contact between those layers of the pericardium subjected to irritation. As we said, there can be quite serious cases of pericarditis. When a very serious pericarditis occurs, the symptoms to monitor and pay more attention to are the coughthe breath short (especially when lying down), fever, very severe pain in the chest, a continuous and extensive feeling of tiredness and swelling in the abdomen or lower limbs.

Lifestyle is important

Understanding how to avoid incurring a particularly serious pathology such as pericarditis is essential in order not to encounter danger. The causes of this disease are difficult to detect, but usually it is infections bacterial or viral, following a heart attack or inflammation, trauma or simply there is no explanation.

To try to prevent this disease, therefore, it is very helpful to follow one lifestyle healthy and balanced, paying particular attention to diet and physical activity. Doing some exercise that requires physical effort, without exaggerating, can be very important in this sense. However, avoid too intense and strenuous activities, as they could give rise to new cases of pericarditis.

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