Pesticide alarm in strawberries: what to do in order not to lose health


An analysis reveals how contaminated Italian strawberries are: here’s how to eliminate pesticides from strawberries and what you need to know.

Well yes, that trash can from strawberries that you just bought at the grocery store may contain substances harmful for you and your body.

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It is certainly no surprise that they are used in the food industry pesticides or elements chemistsherbicides or compounds that make plants and fruits stronger, more colorful and more palatable not only to the mouth but also to the eyes.
Unfortunately, however, when the herbicides they are used on the food we eat, we end up ingesting them components chemists. What can you do about it?

Pesticides on strawberries: American study reveals that they are one of the “worst” foods

Have you ever thought about how many chemicals, herbicides and pesticides you eat along with fruit and vegetables?
An American study has product a classification of the foodsworst“Regarding the use of components harmful to health.

pesticides on strawberries
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Strawberries are on the podium of foods more contaminated and for almost seven years they have been at the top of this terrible ranking.
Do not think, however, that they are only the strawberriesAmerican“To be full of preservatives and herbicides. Italyin fact, it is al sixth place in the world rankings of the villages that use more products chemists in agriculture!
This means that all the fruit and vegetables you buy at the supermarket are not always as “good” as they seem.
Of course, there are limits that, by law, are applied to the uses of chemical products and that serve to make the foods edible.

Strawberries in particular, however, are among the fruits that have a plus high concentrated from substances chemical. We often eat them without cleaning them thoroughly or in such large quantities (one… strawberry, lead to another) that they can become harmful to our body.
The accumulation of substances found in strawberries can be especially dangerous for children subjects more weak: children, the elderly, pregnant women and fetuses.

How to get rid of pesticides from fruit and vegetables

But what can we do for defend ourselves from this problematic?
First of all, know what are all the mistakes not to make when buying strawberries it is essential to have fruit that is always good and healthy.
Then, to deal with the problem of pesticides in strawberries, a first solution could be to approach the world of organic.
But be careful: the “organic” label is not always synonymous with “clean” or grown without herbicides. Much easier to try to buy fruit And vegetables from dealerstrust me“(Zero kilometer purchase points, farms near the house).

If this is not possible, also because organic products often cost much more, there are some solutionshousewives“.

  • soak the bicarbonate for fifteen minutes: instead of simply rinsing the strawberries under water (although abundant it does not help eliminate pesticides in strawberries), try baking soda!
    Just dip the strawberries in a bowl full of water, with a spoonful of baking soda, without rubbing them.
  • use a glass of red wine: you can also use a glass of red wine, diluted with two of water to clean the pesticides in strawberries.
    Mix the two glasses of water and one of red wine in a bowl, put the strawberries inside and let them soak for ten minutes.

In this way you will have a product healthywithout pesticides and with which, for example, you can even prepare an excellent salad.
The important thing is to defend against pesticides on strawberries and these two methods can help you clean them thoroughly: other than rinse them And enough!

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