“Photos of drunk Kate…”. New storm on Harry and Meghan


“Photos of drunk Kate…”.  New storm on Harry and Meghan
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“The documentary [di Harry e Meghan] could be uncomfortable for Kate Middleton”, journalist Jack Royston had told Good Morning Britain, quoted by the Daily Mail, before the release of the Netflix series on 8 December. Indeed, although there are no major revelations for now, the first three episodes have not been kind to the royal family. Especially with the Princess of Waleswhich the dukes would be trying to put in a bad light.

Kate’s perfection

We are used to seeing Kate Middleton always impeccable, mistress of every situation in which she finds herself, always prepared for any type of eventuality: think, for example, of the smile and composed silence reserved for the lady who, in Northern Ireland last October, challenged her, bluntly telling her terms of returning to England. The Princess of Wales has settled in perfectly at court, studying, understanding the rules of protocol and managing to adhere to them, but without suffocating her personality. Modeling them, to a certain extent, on himself. As if she was born at court. Unlike Prince Harry who, on the other hand, not only rejected the lifestyle in which he grew up, but she seems never to miss an opportunity to denigrate him.

In this sense, the Netflix documentary is a notable weapon, although, at least so far, not deadly. Among the targets of the series and, therefore, gods Dukes of Sussex, the Princess of Wales would also be there. Kate appears in both trailers: in the first she is with William, Harry and Meghan at the Commonwealth Day religious function, in 2019. A single image, frankly botched, which does not do justice to Kate’s beauty. The photo of her, in fact, portrays her in a grim, austere, serious pose, while behind her Meghan has a relaxed and serene expression.

In the second trailer, things would go from bad to worse, as Jack Royston explains again: “There is a slogan, which is the title of a magazine cover. In that magazine there were photos of [Kate] drunk”. A fairly explicit reference, with a hint of perfidy. The photographs date back to 2007, or the years in which Kate attended St. Andrews, where she met William, but were published in 2018. Photographer Max Butterworth and an alleged university friend of the future princess of Wales took them.

Another provocation?

The impression is that the shot relating to Commonwealth Day and the reference to the images of Kate Middleton shines are not the result of chance, but of a precise strategy to demolish the reputation of the princess, showing us some of her past weaknesses. As if the Sussexes wanted to tell us that Kate is not the perfect woman described by the newspapers. But, for that matter, the dukes certainly cannot define themselves without sin. Indeed, if things were really like this, perhaps we could even notice a certain envy towards Kate. The princess has certainly made and still makes mistakes, which happens every day to all the inhabitants of this planet, but the British would be willing to forgive them, as the carelessness of youth. Those not exactly blameless photos also irritated her Queen Elizabethbut today they are back in circulation at an unsurprising speed.

It would seem, although for now there is no evidence in this regard, a low blow by Harry and Meghan, who, perhaps, forget the slightly alcoholic passion of the royal family: from Elizabeth II’s four drinks a day (including gin and Dubonnet, all banned by doctors in the last period of her life), to the tastes of Prince Philip, who loved beer: in 2000, during a trip to Italy , the Duke of Edinburgh refused the Italian wine that was offered to him and said: “Give me a beer. It doesn’t matter which one, as long as it’s beer.” The Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes Lyon loved gin and Charles III would prefer wine, Martini cocktails and Scotch whiskies. Finally, Harry himself, as Il recalls, admitted that he had problems with alcohol and now would prefer to drink only an energy drink, but with a drop of vodka.

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