Piazzolla, the pain and anger of Lollo’s factotum: “Absurd that her ex-husband was here today”


Piazzolla, the pain and anger of Lollo’s factotum: “Absurd that her ex-husband was here today”
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Of Elvira Serra

The factotum of the actress: «I took her to the clinic on Thursday, I would have given a kidney for her». Anger: “It’s absurd that Rigau was called: their marriage had been annulled.” Her happy years: «With me she lived her childhood that had been denied her by the war»

Andrew Piazzolla
is the “godson” of Gina Lollobrigida
. Today has 35 years, the last twelve he spent next to the Bersagliera. He lived with her in the actress’s villa on the Appia Antica making it his imperative to make every day happy. He made it snow for her in the garden on Christmas day (here the video), gave her gigantic Easter eggs, organized birthday parties at home or in a restaurant, brought her racing with Go-Karts and to take holidays by the sea. She gave her meds at the right time, she called the doctor whenever there was an emergency or an out-of-control symptom. For Andrea she was more than a mother, and she was more than a son for Gina. In this spirit, in tears, she answers the phone.

Andrea, how did you find out about Gina’s death?

“In the worst possible way. This morning I had called a doctor in Pisa to whom I had written proposing to donate my kidney for Gina, if it were possible to help her with a transplant. I still wasn’t resigned to the fact that she was leaving. So, after talking to her, I immediately telephoned the professor who was following her in the Pius XI Nursing Home. And he shot me cold: “Andrea don’t you know? Gina passed away recently”. The world collapsed around me.”

When was she hospitalized?

“Last Thursday. On Wednesday I had to go to Milan during the day. At the time I had entrusted her to the nurses, but her friends, Alessandro Lo Cascio and Graziella Maretti, had also come to visit her. When I returned they told me that she had been serene. So I said to her: “Gina my love, I’m back!”. She opened her eyes and replied: “What a nice surprise”. Then she closed them, and she never reopened them … ».

When did you call the doctor?

«The next day, when I saw that he no longer woke up, I immediately brought his doctor with the cardiologist. And together we decided to admit her immediately to the Pius XI Nursing Home”.

Did you notify your son Milko Skofic and your nephew Dimitri?

“Yes sure. As soon as we got to the hospital, I called them.”

And have you seen each other these days?

“We crossed paths. I’ve always been next to Gina, I slept there in the clinic. Three days ago Milko told me that he would like to sleep at night and I told him that I was happy, that his mother would be happy. Then he texted me to tell me that he couldn’t do it anymore and that he would do it the next day. But he didn’t come the following night either.’

How come she wasn’t at the clinic this morning?

«I left yesterday, because I understood that Gina would no longer open her eyes and it no longer made sense for me to stay there. But I couldn’t accept it. And in fact until this morning I was trying to talk to other doctors. But the thing that hurt me the most was knowing that “the Spaniard” was already there this morning: she even kicked out a dear friend of Gina’s, boasting that she was her husband!”

Javier Rigau? What was he doing there?

“You’d have to ask Gina’s son and nephew. This morning Rigau fired Adriano Aragozzini. She pretends to be Gina’s husband when that marriage was canceled by the Sacra Rota and he knows it well. I find it shameful that Milko and Dimitri made him go there. Yet I had begged them to apologize to her mother for all the harm they had done to her. Nice way to honor her memory. However they did not disappoint: they were always the last to arrive and the first to leave».

Can you think of a memory of you and Gina, now, above all?

“A thousand come to mind. Our daily life, when I went to wake her up or help her down the stairs to get to the ground floor, or when I asked her what she wanted for lunch or what she wanted to do, when we were in our pajamas or when we went elegantly dressed to an important dinner. I took her Go-Karting, we went to the beach, we traveled. She had an inexhaustible desire for life. With me perhaps she allowed herself to live that childhood that she hadn’t been able to as a child, because of the war.’

Is he still at Gina’s house now?

“No, I took my things away yesterday. When I got back I heard Gina’s voice inside the house calling me. I can’t stay there without her and hear her calling me … I was there because she was there ».

Is something reproached?

“No. Whatever she may have done for Gina, I’ve always done it with pleasure, with honor, with respect. Ours was a symbiotic bond. I am happy to have pampered her, filled her with kisses and hugs and to have repeated how much I loved her and how grateful I was for everything she taught me, for choosing to love me ».

Soon the big question of the will will open up…

«I say it right away, I don’t want there to be any misunderstandings. I don’t know what Gina’s will was, but if there will be anything for me it will only be to fulfill her wishes that she hasn’t been able to do in her life. I don’t want anything, everything has lost its value now. Without Gina, the rest doesn’t matter anymore. That stupid battles would be spared, for me it will only be completing her will.’

Do you know what Gina’s wishes were?

“Yup. First of all, that the family be reunited in the cemetery. I know where his parents and sisters are. Then that her sculptures and drawings are managed by a person who designated her years ago and that’s not me. The third wish is to give everything to charity for African children. This is what I have to do for her.”

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