Pier Silvio takes legal action for the betrayal, the background is sensational


A really tough story with a backstory beyond belief, Pier Silvio announced that he would bring the matter to court, but the denial is sensational.

At Mediaset this is a hot period, we are at the final blows before September with the new programming, programs are being chosen to be confirmed and those to be blown, many characters in the show in fact await this moment with terror not to be reconfirmed with the upcoming season.

In fact, we have just recently seen the various vicissitudes passed by Barbara D’Urso who had some programs removedsure the queen of gossip will remain on our screens, but its programs have been radically reduced, from what has been leaked by the television station.

There is also a great air of change for another queen of television, Maria de Filippi could lose one of her flagship programs to make room for new recruits.

It seems that Queen Mary has to say goodbye to the daily band of Amici and perhaps also to the episode on Saturday, in its place the name of Silvia Toffanin has already appeared, which at Mediaset is becoming more and more popular. His appointment with Verissimo is confirmed, in addition to the novelty of the double from the lounge of indiscretions.

Of Mediaset, he had to make some difficult decisions, but what really matters are the ratings and the contracts become fundamental, so some goodbyes have turned into court casesit is precisely the case of one of the faces of the sports program.

Pier Silvio brings the familiar face of sport to the court

Pier Silvio

In this case it was not the Mediaset boss who decided to leave the well-known conductor at home, but there seems to have been a ‘betrayal’, a contractual situation that seems to have sent Pier Silvio into a rage.

Mediaset would have taken gods legal measures against the well-known television presenter Pierluigi Pardo for non-fulfillment of the contractual obligations previously taken, in short, it is a serious matter.

The question was that Pierluigi Pardo seemed to have made arrangements to be part of the DAZN project with the beginning of September, but this would have been in complete contrast with its exclusivity contract in Mediaset.

So when DAZN presented the new season and the name of Pardo came out as well, Pier Silvio did not think twice and decided to go through legal channelsinitially published a press release declaring the decision to take action in the competent offices.

This was mainly because the well-known conductor at the beginning of July had taken part in an operational meeting with the sports editorial staff of the Berlusconi network, but only a few days later the other communication was given.

Pier Silvio

In an interview with Il Foglio, however it was Pardo himself who defended himself by denying the version of Mediaset, the same declares “In the summer there was no contract signed with Mediaset or even accepted informally. I would have liked to continue working for DAZN as I had done in previous years, also because they were two different projects, one the Champions / Coppa Italia, the other for Serie A, without any conflict on both sides ” .

Then he continues, “I was expecting the green light from Mediaset, but it never came. However, having two such important companies that want you is a great satisfaction “.

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