Piero Chiambretti and ex Federica Laviosa in court: arm wrestling over money for their daughter


Piero Chiambretti and ex Federica Laviosa in court: arm wrestling over money for their daughter
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Turin, he asked to reduce the payments

Entering the courthouse, just before 2pm, Piero Chiambretti seems to have dusted off the irreverent air of the Postman who was on Rai 3: “Here are the jackals,” he says smiling (tightly) at the photographers, electric blue suit and red striped tie. Then he politely rejects the questions: “Nothing, thank you.”

Just before his ex had arrived, Federica Laviosa, elegant without being flashy, that the TV presenter cited before the seventh civil section of the Turin court, for “the modification of the conditions of custody and maintenance of the daughter”, 11 years old: asks the judge to reduce the contribution currently paid , from 3,000 to 800 euros per month. For two reasons, mainly: the halved revenue, from 55 to 26 thousand euros per month; and the suspicion that her ex is using that money “for her very personal needs.” At least as claimed in the appeal signed by the lawyer Benedetta Azzurra Baggi, who protects him with his colleague Nunzio Alfredo D’Angieri, known as “Pupi”, a legendary character: former ambassador of Belize in Italy and (for Forbes) one of the 600 most rich in the world.

“Zero reports”

It goes without saying, between Chiambretti and Laviosa – assisted by lawyers Marcella de Simone and Claudia Villani – relations are zero: they don’t look at each other, they don’t say hello. “Do I really have to see him?” She whispers, waiting for the hearing. I agree on one thing: “The priority must be our daughter’s happiness”, as the woman said two days ago. That she had rejected the accusations: “On expenses, there are bank statements.” Rather, she found herself fighting against prejudices: “Many think that I wanted to settle down with Chiambretti, but that’s not true: it was a great love”. He, some friends say, is instead angry at the turn taken by history and disheartened because the question has become public. Those who know him swear on his love for the baby: he has never thought of halving anything, if anything he would like to redistribute what he has always given. Doing the calculations, on the million euros, since 2011. Moral: the daughter, who was 55 years oldis a treasure to be held tight.

Shared trust

There are also stamped papers, however, such as the shared custody agreement of December 2016, in a pact implemented by the court of La Spezia, where the mother and child lived. An act made necessary by the lack of understanding between the two, who had left the previous January, and which Chiambretti is now asking to change. However, reiterating the intention to ensure her daughter the usual lifestyle habits and the willingness to face any circumstance for her well-being. In short, the other commitments signed by the father – payment of the rent, extraordinary expenses and school fees – are not in question, but, in fact, the contribution to the ex for the daughter. After the breakup of the relationship, the woman had lived first in Parma, then in La Spezia, her hometown. Until her transfer to Turin, to an apartment not far from Chiambretti’s home, to make her management easier: given that the child should stay with her father two weekends a month, work commitments permitting. After the attempt to reach an agreement before the judge rapporteur Isabella Messina, she will now have to produce documents and file briefs: next hearing, after the summer.

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