Play off: Germani overwhelmed by Sassari, Della Valle injured


Play off: Germani overwhelmed by Sassari, Della Valle injured
Written by aquitodovale

Nightmare evening for Germani. In game-3 of the quarter-finals play off championship Sassari imposes itself 98-68 and bring the series on 2-1. At this point, race-4 scheduled for Sunday again in Sardinia becomes a crossroads for Magro’s quintet: only a victory would allow him to play game-5 at PalaLeonessa.

He weighed on the progress of the match the left shoulder injury suffered by the mvp of the championship Amedeo Della Valle, left the field after a few minutes due to a blow immediately. He then followed the match of his teammates from the bench and now the German medical staff he will do everything to be able to recover it for Sunday.

The starting quintets:
Dinamo Sassari: Robinson, Kruslin, Burnell, Bendzius, Bilan. Coach Piero Bucchi
Germani Brescia: Mitrou-long, Della Valle, Petrucelli, Gabriel, Brown III. Coach Alessandro Magro

Referees: Manuel Mazzoni, Alessandro Vicino, Valerio Grigioni.

40 ‘Inside also a young rookie in the ranks of Sassari, then ends 98-68 for the Sardinians
39 ‘We only wait for the time to run out, not Treier who scores the first triple of the evening 98-67
37 ‘Coach Bucchi, given the result, rests his best players but the attention does not drop, 95-67
Laquintana takes advantage of a defensive amnesia of the Sardinians, 93-64
35 & # 39; Brescia fails to stop the bleeding: Diop and Kruslin are unstoppable, 93-62
34 ‘David Moss scores, 88-60
Burnell brings the score back to +30, 88-58
Robinson returns to score: 86-58
33 ‘Try to honor the defeat Germani, score five points in a row Mitrou-Long 83-58
32 ‘Last to give up John Brown, 83-53
31 ‘John Brown tries until the end 83-51
Maximum advantage again retouched by Logan, 83-49

30 ‘Show by Logan who closes the third quarter on the result of 80-49
Fortunately, Gabriel is seen again on the parquet. Burns stabs the Sassari defense 75-46
29 ‘Burns with the punticino from the free and then yet another three-point game for Sassari di Gentile 74-43
28 & # 39; Diop touches the three-point game, 71-42
Horror percentages for Brescia in the third quarter
Diop signs the new maximum advantage, 69-42
27 ‘Brown responds to Bendzius’ free throws 67-42
26 ‘Robinson and Burnell attack a wounded Lioness, 63-40
25 ‘It rains in the wet: even Gabriel with a limp returns to the bench
Fourth foul whistled against Moss, Brescia is in trouble and Logan takes advantage of it 61-38
23 ‘Mitrou-Long “touches” four points, Burnell still scoring 58-38
22 ‘Moss unlocks the score in the third quarter for Brescia 56-36
21 & # 39; Sassari escapes +22 thanks to Robinson and Kruslin, in addition technical whistled against coach Magro 56-34
It starts again without Della Valle, who will not be part of the match in this final

20 ‘Sassari with more energy and inertia, Kruslin is infallible from long distance 47-34. On this result we go to rest
19 ‘New maximum advantage for Sassari on +10 thanks to the bomb for Kruslin, 44-34
18 ‘Timeout Sassari
Two blocks in a row by the Sardinians, Brescia struggles to find baskets on the counterattack, score blocked at 41-34
17 ‘Sassari makes a void in defense, Burnell in attack 41-32
John Brown again to buffer 41-34
16 ‘Burnell scores from three 39-32
John Brown decisive on both sides of the field 36-31
15 & # 39; Della Valle’s talent and inspiration are missing, not yet back, Logan and Bilan dig the maximum advantage on 36-29
Brescia timeout
14 ‘Kruslin’s incredible triple from the corner 30-27
Free throws are a factor for Petrucelli 30-29
Miro Bilan tries the first mini escape for Sassari 32-29
13 ‘Great basket by Gentile leaning on the scoreboard 27-25
Intense game, Petrucelli wallows and rises to fourteen 27-27
12 ‘Tonnara rebounding between Diop and Burns, the long from Brescia comes out the winner
11 ‘Low percentages of three at the start of the second quarter for the two teams, Diop takes care of it for the Sardinians 25-25

10 ‘Minibreak by Cobbins, first hits with the half hook and then pushes Diop to take steps, the first quarter ends 23-25
9 & # 39; Mitrou-long tries to load the team on his shoulders, Brescia fights to rebound and earns two free throws with Moss, inside only one 21-21
Sassari clinging to free throws 23-21
Match full of fouls, Burns equalized at 23-23
8 ‘Bendzius unlocks 19-18
Moss serves John Brown very well 19-20 and Gentile is 21-20
7 ‘Match balanced as expected, Bilan stings and Petrucelli spends the second foul 17-16
Laquintana from the lunette 17-18
6 ‘Della Valle is forced to go out, Petrucelli is no longer wrong, the defense is exalted and Mitrou-long packs the overtaking 15-16
5 ‘Germani relies on Petrucelli, another triple for him, Dinamo takes advantage of the many free throws available, Burnell with the 15-11 crush
4 ‘Wet powders for Della Valle, Bilan with the three-point game out of balance 11-8
3 ‘John Brown hits a shot, Kruslin blocks with a pair of 8-8 throws
2 ‘Dinamo had a strong game, Petrucelli replied with six points in a row, Robinson again 6-6
1 ‘Kruslin uncorks the game 2-0