PlayStation Store: three PS4 and PS5 games for 4.99 euros


PlayStation Store: three PS4 and PS5 games for 4.99 euros
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There are only a few days left until the PlayStation Store Summer Discounts are over, so we want to make sure you have taken advantage of all the opportunities they have to offer. Today we recommend three games that are not exactly recent, but which, in our view, deserve to be part of your collection, especially at the price at which they are offered, as soon as five euro.

For those looking for an above average challenge there is Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin, which often takes second place compared to the other two chapters of the series, while for lovers of strategic games there is XCOM 2. If instead you are looking for a colorful adventure, perhaps to be faced in a cooperative, you cannot ignore Unravel Two. Here are our shopping tips!

Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin

It was not directed by master Hidetaka Miyazaki and rarely appears at the top of FromSoftware’s fan favorite video game chart, but Dark Souls II fully honors the reputation of one of the iconic series of modern gaming by offering a punitive and suggestive experience.

In Dark Souls 2 an unforgettable journey awaits you in the dark world of Drangleic, where every place and every meeting can test your determination and your limits. Compared to the original edition, Scholar of the First Sin runs at 60fps, a framerate adapted to today’s times, and introduces many new challenges and experiences. The completely revised positioning of the enemies gives life to new dynamics capable of putting even the most experienced players to the test. The purchase of this edition, therefore, is also recommended to all those who have already stripped the original at the time.

The package also includes the inclusion of all the DLC dedicated to the Ancient Kings, which integrate the endgame and deepen the lore, and an enhancement of the multiplayer, with the maximum number of participants passed from 4 to 6. Other details can be found in our Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin review.


XCOM 2 it wore several years on its back, but it still represents an excellent real-time strategy game with lite-RPG mechanics. On an Earth invaded by a race from another world, you are called to lead operations for the reconquest of the planet Earth.

Twenty years have passed since the events of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which saw humanity capitulate and sign an unconditional surrender with alien forces. However, the dispersed XCOM troops do not want to surrender, and with the aim of resurrecting the Resistance they have taken control of theAvenger, an alien ship converted to a mobile base. From here you can decide where to bring the assault team, how to get the support of the people, which technologies to develop and when to counter the enemy’s operations.

The game formula provides one turn-based mechanics to action sequences and battlefield shootings. There are five classes of soldiers that can be brought into combat, each featuring different skill trees. Compared to its predecessors, XCOM 2 offers greater tactical flexibility and a new species of enemies. Learn more by reading our XCOM 2 review.

If you already own the game, then we advise you to take advantage of the sales to buy the excellent expansion War of the Chosen for 3.99 euros, which further enhances the strategic aspect by introducing new Factions for the Resistance and the most cunning and devious enemies of the universe of XCOM, the Chosen.

Unravel Two

If you are looking for a colorful and tender experience, far from the tough bosses of Dark Souls 2 and the careful planning of XCOM 2, then you absolutely must get acquainted with Yarnythe little wool creature protagonist of Unravel Two by Coldwood Interactive and EA Originals.

The gaming experience, based on physics and solving environmental puzzlesis built around Yarny’s signature feature, which with its woolen thread can swing through branches, drag objects, build bridges and even get a lift from a flying kite to places otherwise out of reach. Unravel Two also features a cooperative mode, which doubles the gameplay possibilities by inviting two players (even locally) to collaborate and support each other while solving puzzles. Read our Unravel Two review.

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