Portugal, Santos, future: the 3 things we understood from Cristiano Ronaldo’s message on Instagram


Portugal, Santos, future: the 3 things we understood from Cristiano Ronaldo’s message on Instagram
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Cristiano Ronaldo he always talks: today that he is without a team and with a failed World Cup behind him even more. The “light” of the Portuguese star is gradually fading, so there are many questions that revolve around his person. Which team will decide to sign him? Is your adventure with Portugal over? Were his tears of farewell or only of suffering? CR7 still has “kick to give“inside? Cristiano wanted to close the World Cup chapter with a post on Instagram, in which he wanted to clarify what happened in Qatar, where he met the bench for the first time with his national team shirt. Let’s try to summarize what he wanted to say, analyzing his message in its three main parts.

Never thought about leaving Portugal

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“Winning a World Cup for Portugal was the biggest and most ambitious dream of my career. Fortunately I won many international titles, including for Portugal, but taking our country’s name to the top levels in the world was my biggest dream. great. I fought for this. I fought hard for this dream. I gave my all, I left everything on the field. I never gave up on that dream.”

In the first part of his message, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sentiment towards Portugal is felt strongly: the tears to which CR7 let himself go on the occasion of the last world match, that of elimination against Morocco, seemed to be of pure displeasure. CR7 knew very well that the Qatari adventure would be the last at the World Cup level: all the inferences about a possible farewell to the World Cup in progress, feared by the press, are returned to the sender.

Ronaldo in tears after being eliminated from the World Cup

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There is bad blood with Fernando Santos

“I just want everyone to know that a lot has been said, a lot has been written, a lot has been speculated, but my dedication hasn’t changed for an instant. I’ve always been one more person fighting for everyone’s goal and not I would have never turned my back on my teammates and my country.”

In this part, the one on which A Bola also dwells in his analysis, Ronaldo still talks about his attachment to the Portugal shirt, mentioning teammates and the Portuguese people. No mention of Fernando Santos, with whom – by now it seems certain – bad blood does not flow: the substitution taken badly by CR7 against South Korea, complete with a piqued comment (“You’re always in a fucking hurry to get me off”), which then led to the two spun benches of the former United footballer has left its mark. “Cristiano Ronaldo ignores Fernando Santos”, A Bola’s title says it all.

Doors open for the future: he wants to play again

“There’s not much more to say for now. Thanks Portugal. Thanks Qatar. The dream was good while it lasted. Now, I hope time is a good adviser and allows everyone to draw their own conclusions”

The hint to the future, with which Ronaldo closes his “little thought“, leave all doors open: the “time” mentioned by the Portuguese, what will he bring? Certainly the ball passes back to him: he has just released himself from Manchester United and has a rich offer from Arabia, from Rudi Garcia’s Al Nassr in his hand. However, he takes time because he would like to continue in Europe, the problem is where he could marry: PSG don’t call, in the Premier League they seem to have scorched earth. The other hypothesis could be the MLS, but salaries there are lower than elsewhere. Here the question remains open, indeed very open.

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