Possible alien signals intercepted in deep space: sensational announcement by Chinese astronomers


Possible alien signals intercepted in deep space: sensational announcement by Chinese astronomers
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Chinese astronomers from Beijing Normal University have announced that they have intercepted radio signals potentially produced by alien technology.

The FAST radio telescope

Chinese astronomers have announced that they have intercepted mysteries radio signals which may have been produced by a extraterrestrial civilization technologically advanced. In other words, they may have discovered the existence of aliens. The sensational announcement was made through a report published in Science and Technology Daily, then mysteriously removed, after the news began to circulate virally on the Chinese social network Weibo and in the first newspapers. Of course, there is no certainty that these radio signals were actually produced by intelligent aliens, in fact the probability that it could be a question remains very high. interference linked to human devices (as also happened in the past), however the characteristics of these radio waves and the instrument used to intercept them make the discovery quite exciting and to be explored.

Announcing the discovery of radio signals potentially produced by aliens was a research team from the China Extraterrestrial Civilization Research Group at the Astronomy Department of Beijing Normal University. The astronomers, coordinated by Professor Zhang Tongjie, detected them by analyzing the data from the “Chinese Sky Eye”, A giant radio telescope with a diameter of 500 meters located in a mountainous area in the province of Guizhou, in southern China. Completed in 2016, it is the largest and most sensitive radio telescope in the world, which has passed the late Arecibo radio telescopedestroyed by an earthquake in 2020 and known to the general public for sending a famous message to the Cluster of Hercules, with the aim of “presenting” thehumanity to potential extraterrestrial civilizations. It is no coincidence that a similar project is planned (the Beacon in the Galaxy or BITG) using the Chinese radio telescope, also known by the name of FASTacronym for Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope.

But what is so special about the radio signals intercepted by Chinese astronomers? First of all, three have been identified, two in 2019 (analyzed in 2020) and one this year, probably the most interesting, given that it comes from an area of ​​the deep sky in which the presence of exoplanets (exoplanets). As specified by Professor Tongjie at Science and Technology Daily, it is about electromagnetic signals narrow band, therefore “possible technological traces and extraterrestrial civilizations from outside the Earth”. The sibylline characteristic lies precisely in the band, since narrow band signals are very rarely produced by natural phenomena. It is therefore very likely that the source is artificial and, given that they come from deep space, it cannot be excluded that they may have been generated precisely by intelligent aliens. After all, according to a recent study by the University of Newcastle, only in our galaxy (the Milky Way) would count at least 36 intelligent alien civilizations.

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The problem with these signals, however, lies in the fact that they may not actually come from deep space; it could in fact be simple interference by human instrumentation. Suffice it to say that similar signals captured in 2011 and 2014, also considered to be of alien originas recalled by Sciencealert they came from microwave ovens that the researchers used to cook meals. Before reaching hasty conclusions, therefore, Chinese scientists will have to clean up the signals from any potential source of disturbance and only at the end of a long work will it be possible to determine with certainty the origin and the possible source. With the FAST three times more sensitive in narrow bands than the Arecibo radio telescope, the chances of capturing potential alien signals have greatly increased, but also the risk of intercepting anthropogenic sources. It is currently unclear why the Chinese scientists’ report was withdrawn.

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