Presentation of SSC Napoli 2022-23, Spalletti: “We are united, Mertens and the others away, but players will arrive!”, Protest by fans for ADL. ‘Baptism’ as a captain for Di Lorenzo | VIDEO


Presentation of SSC Napoli 2022-23, Spalletti: “We are united, Mertens and the others away, but players will arrive!”, Protest by fans for ADL.  ‘Baptism’ as a captain for Di Lorenzo |  VIDEO
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Naples news today – We are almost at the end of the SSC Napoli retreat in Dimaro in Val di Sole, on Tuesday the team will leave for Castel Volturno before heading to Castel di Sangro, in Abruzzo, where the second part of the pre-season athletic training will be held.

For the last weekend of retreat in Trentino, however, thousands of fans flocked and tonight in Piazza Madonna della Pace in Dimaro the official presentation of SSC Napoli 2022-2023. Tomorrow instead the friendly Napoli-Perugia.

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SSC Napoli, the presentation of the team in Dimaro

21.54 – End the evening in the square with the team. Start the DJ set of ‘Decibel’ Bellini that makes all the fans dance in the square!

21.50 – Then ‘Decibel’ Bellini he played the hymn of the Champions League before and ‘O surdato nnammurato after.

21.49 – The medical staff of the SSC Napoli and the mayor of Dimaro-Folgarida Lazzaroni: “I bring you greetings and thanks from all of Trentino, Val di Sole and Dimaro-Folgarida. One word: thank you, thank you! Turn our country into a party! I thank the fans and the team, you have a great team and a great coach. The square for tonight must be Piazza del Plebiscito! Thanks to De Laurentiis “. At the name of the president, the protest in the square started with whistles.

21.46 – Team photo, then the choir starts: “Naples is champion again!”

21.45 – Standing ovation for Victor Osimhenthe choir starts: “Olè, olè olè olè, Victor! Victor!”.

21.43 – The attackers arrive on stage, applause for Kvaratskhelia who reiterates his surname and pronounces it!

21.41 – It’s up to the midfielders and the chorus starts for Demme from the square: “Olè, olè olè olè, Diego, Diego!”.

21.38 – Ola and cheers for By Lorenzo, which ‘Decibel’ Bellini presents as the new captain. The choir starts: “One captain, there is only one captain!”. By Lorenzo you go to get the applause of the fans.

21.37 – The defenders also go up on stage, ovation for Mario Rui and cheers for Olivera. Bellini ‘Decibel’: “He just arrived, let’s let him feel our warmth!”and the square responds present.

21.35 – All the staff of Spalletti and the goalkeepers.

21.33 – Complaint and protest of the fans during the speech on the farewells of Luciano Spallettiwith some fans shouting and Spalletti what he said: “But you make him shut up there! (Laughing, ed)”.

21.33 – Luciano Spalletti on stage, he is the first to go up with the cheers of the fans and the choirs (“Mister, mister!”): “Good evening everyone, my mom how many are you! Some players have gone away and take things with them, because people like Ospina, Ghoulam, Koulibaly, Mertens, Insigne, bring with them. But others have arrived and bring with them a new enthusiasm, others will arrive! This is football. What must never go away and never fail is your support and enthusiasm, that is not replaceable and cannot be bought back!

21.33 – Piazza crowded in Dimaro, start the evening with the presentation of the team!

21.24 – Bellini decibels takes the floor, the square intones the name of Koulibaly. ‘Dedication’ by the speaker of the Maradona a KK: “It was special for all of us, I want to say goodbye to Kalidou Koulibaly for the last time. We hope he can come back one day. So I send him the video in Las Vegas, he gets nostalgic and he realizes how much we love him. I would like to greet a player who has dressed jersey number 26. I say Kalidou, you shout Koulibaly as we did at the stadium! Hi Kouli, we love you! I will always be Neapolitan, with Neapolitan children: he will always remain with blue in my heart! “.

9.15 pm – The evening begins in the square, col Dj Set by Daniele ‘DecibelBellini.

The official presentation of Napoli will take place like this. Give her 9.15 pm we will meet in the square to wait for all the Napoli players, who will be presented one by one on the stage and will participate in the party together with the Neapolitan fans in retreat. For the occasion he will also be in Dimaro Daniele “Decibel” Belliniofficial speaker of the Diego Armando Maradona stadium, who will be the master of ceremonies and deejay.

The evening includes a Dj Set it’s a match between SSC Napoli players and fanswho will be facing each other, to celebrate together and thus start the football season that will begin in August.

Even if the transfer campaign has not yet started, all the Napoli players who make up the current squad will take to the stage, including the new signings Kvicha Kvaratskhelia and Mathias Olivera. In the past, the presentation of the team was also an opportunity to show off the new Napoli shirts, however to date there is no official news on the new Napoli 2023 jersey and – barring any last minute surprises – the players will wear last season’s kits. Same goes for the subscription campaign of the Maradona stadium 2022 2023.

Naples presentation: Where to see it live

If you are not in retreat, but you still want to attend the official presentation of Napoli in Dimaro, there is good news. You can follow the Napoli live presentation on FootballNaples24thanks to our team of reporters in Val di Sole, as always assisted by the youtubber Shaleboom.

If you are wondering where to see the presentation Napleshere are the channels where to follow it LIVE:

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