Primavera, Coppitelli after Torino-Atalanta 2-0: “We have always played away from home”


Primavera, Coppitelli after Torino-Atalanta 2-0: “We have always played away from home”
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The declarations of the Primavera coach after the match played against Atalanta in the 33rd round of the championship

The Torino Primavera coach, Federico Coppitellihe showed satisfaction with the salvation achieved one shift early by his boysin the match won 2-0 against Atalantaand commented it with these words: “I think this team deserved a day like this, from all points of view. Today is a good day for Torino, not only for the Primavera team because I felt a strong feeling from everyone. Our players played at Fila. , at home and it was an incredible performance. I’m happy because it’s an important day for all of Torino as a club. Thinking about going to the playoffs this year wasn’t easy. We didn’t have a team on August 28 and this group did 43 points, hoping to finish at 46. There was a bit of fear for salvation but this group has never dropped below tenth place and for me it has been a great year. I’m glad that it closes a circle like this , with a match like this. If there had been other components, we would have deserved a few more points to be able to think about going to the playoffs. You don’t have to compare the qualities because it is ungenerous looking at the groups of the first 6, from experience and also considering the multiculturalism of our team. Today we had a Dane, a Moldovan, a Brazilian, a Lithuanian, a New Zealander, a Frenchman and that counts. We have built some good players and we are happy happy “.

Are you expecting to play a few more games here at Philadelphia?

“I don’t know, it’s a slippery question. When you look at the progress of this team, you must also consider that they played 30 away games. When we played against Genoa in Biella there were thirty Genoa fans and zero Turin, so we we have always played away from home. At the beginning the requests of the Federation were for a certain type of structure. The Primavera must always travel parallel to the first team and we, having only one field, can make this choice not to use it as a field of I play for the Primavera, I also say this against my interest. Obviously playing this match in Biella was different. We initially followed these rules but Italy, as they say, is the home of these shortcuts. other teams playing on 2 x 2 fields. Here at Filadelfia I get the chills, I did two Italian Cup finals, the playoffs, the derbies and I’m happy to have played here because those who pass for the Torino Primavera must to know what it means to play at the Fila “.

Are you aiming for Sergio Vatta as the longest-serving coach of Torino’s Primavera or do you have other ideas?

“First there is Sunday’s match then we decide. This has been a complex year, we will discuss with the club and analyze the work done. What I can say is that I thank the staff for the work done. When I read the social networks, we have always the impression that a negative result could compromise the season. Our team plays good football and has good players but it is clear that sometimes we have left some points on the road because there are things that could have been done better and we could have collected something more. At the end of the year we will talk and see what to do “.

If Torino had always played at the Fila, could they have reached the playoffs?

“No, for the sake of clarity I said it. We found ourselves second, there was a break and then we still had to face Juventus, Atalanta, Inter … I saw Empoli’s salvation party which has 6 / 7 players who won the Scudetto last year. Last year I think we scored 27 points, this year we have almost double. The club has been good at getting talents from abroad, quality players, in January it took us a while to recharge in the right way after the transfer market but the six playoff teams are strong. Confronting them is ungenerous for now. Anton is a certainty for us, for example, and he has only played a few more games in Primavera 1. We had Savini since last year, Atalanta had an already formed structure. We don’t have the team structure to be able to think we can do more, considering that in August we were a totally new group. The two derbies for me they were crazy games, at 45 ‘we had him in hand. We could have had 5/6 points more, yes, but the teams in front have quality. We have strong players, but many were new and had to learn the dynamics of this championship. Against Atalanta, in a perfect match, we made a mistake at the end of the first half that almost cost us a goal. This is the symbol of this Turin, but for next year we already have a different structure. This year we rebuilt and also played, it was complex but I’m happy with the guys we brought out. In my opinion the company has laid the foundations for next year “.

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