PSG, Al-Khelaifi: “Verratti like a son, Real wants to kill the soul of football”


PSG, Al-Khelaifi: “Verratti like a son, Real wants to kill the soul of football”
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Fewer sparkling names, younger and loyalty to the shirt: the president of Paris Saint-Germain lays the foundations for the new cycle

A new dawn is about to hit the Eiffel Tower: new sports manager, new coach and new market philosophy. PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi anticipated his revolution in Gazzetta dello Sport: “With Campos and the new coach, if we ever have a new one, I want a more collective team, with more young French people. Everyone must be proud of the shirt, of playing in Ligue 1 ”. In addition to the incoming market, Al-Khelaifi also focused on who will remain despite a season marked by several shadows: if Leo Messi “there is no question”, Neymar “will have to be at his best, otherwise he will have to leave”. Words to honey instead for Donnarumma – “is the best player in the European Championship” – and for Verratti, or “the best Italian player”.

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The most discussed and noisy stay, however, is that of Kylian Mbappé. The French star has decided to embrace Al-Khelaifi’s new project thus refusing the court of his favorite team, Real Madrid: “Real offered him much more and I only talked about money with Kylian at the end. He is a fantastic player who proves to be the best every day. I expect more from everyone, but he already wants to win everything, play every game, every minute. They say he decides everything: the only thing he wants is to win. He loves football, he is a winner, he has opinions and useful advice to improve things. If this were not the case, I would think that he does not have the PSG mentality ”.

In the advanced department then, Messi deserves a separate discussion. Flop or year of acclimatization? “There is no question of one with seven Golden Balls. Messi made history. It wasn’t his best season than him, but after more than twenty years in Barcelona he discovered a new country, a new city, a new league, a new team, a new culture. And his family too. He also fell ill with Covid. It wasn’t easy. Next season we will see the best Messi ever. And after the first year, financially it’s already a bargain. The same will be for Mbappé ”. The comments on Neymar: “Beyond the rumors about Neymar, everyone must give their all, otherwise they will have to leave, like those who have taken advantage of it: there will be sales”.

Dolce is the chapter of the Italians: ds Campos, among other things, has respected tradition by drawing up the shopping list in our league. Marco Verratti is now a flag of PSG, and for Al-Khelaifi “he is like a son. Fantastic player, an example, at the heart of the project. He grew up with the club, he loves PSG. I am proud of him because he is ready to die on the pitch for the team. I also expect more from him, that he takes more responsibility: he deserves it. He is the best Italian player ”. The discontinuity of Donnarumma instead it does not worry him: “we are talking about the best player in the European Championship. He is fantastic as a person, athlete and professional. Then, he and we know how things stand “. And remaining on the Belpaese theme, the PSG patron also commented the absence of Italy in the World Cup at home, in Qatar: “Without Italy it is like drinking a cappuccino without coffee. I am sad that there are no European champions. And I’m sorry for Verratti and Donnarumma ”.

Now that the skeleton of the team has found his confirmation, it’s time to fill the void on the bench: “Galtier? This is no time for announcements, but we have never talked to Zidane ”. If the track that leads to the new technician seems to be only one, the more intricate is the speech of Champions League (which continues to be taboo for Parisians) and the idea Superalloy. Two arguments that go hand in hand for Al-Khelaifi: “The Champions League is tough: just one detail, one mistake, like in Madrid, and you’re out. Sooner or later we will win it. Real deserved the Champions League: they celebrated it for days and then they want to kill it. Champions is the soul of football. It is unfair to deny it with a closed league. We will not let that happen ”.

The interview ends with a jab a Tebas and to La Liga, which in recent days had filed a complaint with the French court for a potential breakdown of financial fair play in the negotiation of the renewal of Mbappè: “Tebas who? I don’t teach anyone nor do I interfere with other clubs or leagues. It is rude to pretend to tell others what to do. I don’t accept lessons from those who see the Champions League as a threat to their league. I have a project to build, respecting everyone “.

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