Psn cloud: the Tim-Leonardo-Sogei-Cdp consortium relaunches on Fastweb-Aruba


Psn cloud: the Tim-Leonardo-Sogei-Cdp consortium relaunches on Fastweb-Aruba
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The Tim-Leonardo-Sogei-Cdp consortium did not miss the “affaire” of the cloud for the PA and with raises on the 2.8 billion offer by Fastweb and Aruba exercising the right of pre-emption on thethe competition for the National Strategic Pole. The quartet’s project had been already judged “winner” in the first phasethat of the evaluation and the consortium had tried to win the tender in recent days with a discount which, however, was not able to match that proposed by the competitors Fastweb and Aruba. A technical adjustment is also needed, especially on the governance front.

The team made up of Tim, Leonardo, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (through the subsidiary Cdp Equity) and Sogei, as promoter, it has exercised, in compliance with the applicable legislation and the tender documentation, the right of pre-emption within the European tender for the assignment, through a public-private partnership contract, of the construction and management of the Strategic Pole National launched in January 2022 by Difesa Servizi as the Central Commission of the Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers “, reads a note. The consortium therefore undertakes to “fulfill, as communicated to the Administration, the contractual obligations under the same conditions offered by the current provisional contractor“.

Fastweb and Aruba’s offer

Fastweb and Aruba presented an offer deemed suitable on the technical front and decidedly more competitive on the economic front: the tender was awarded in recent days for 2.8 billion, equal to an average discount of 39.19% on the price lists based on the tender. The discount was not enough – even if proposed by the competitors and equal to 23.36% – to guarantee the first time victory for the promoting consortium. But most of all, in the Fastweb-Aruba project, the possibility for the State to enter the newco at any time through a capital increase was put on paper. Therefore the Tim-Leonardo-Sogei-Cdp quartet will also have to fulfill on this front.

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Small data centers, the Italia Cloud Consortium points the finger at Minister Colao

To stay on the subject, the Italia Cloud Consortium in a note did not send them to say to the Minister of Digital Transition Vittorio Colao, spoke on the topic of cloud architectures. “Very often there are data very small centers, which are not safe, which are not modern, which are not efficient and are not sustainable and therefore – let’s face it – they would have no reason to exist”, The minister said in recent days.

THEThe president of the Italy Cloud Consortium Michele Zunino is not there: “We know Minister Colao’s passion for large global operators such as Google and Microsoft, but he can no longer pretend that in Italy there are no other innovative cloud providers capable of intercepting the request of PAs and businesses in the area, even better than large hyperscalers. There is a whole market going in the opposite direction. The regional in-house, for example, with their wealth of structures and qualified personnel. The same tender for the so-called state cloud could also have positive externalities for the Italian SMEs in the sector. But this was not the case and the world of the local PA is activating differently from that project, so it is very likely that there will be market scenarios linked to the request of the local PA that will be different from the National Strategic Pole “.

According to Zunino “the size of the datacenter is an irrelevant parameter in terms of security and efficiency. In the age of edge computing, we try to bring data closer to the user and everyone is thinking of smaller smart solutions precisely to ensure the growth of local companies and national skills. On the contrary, the “localization” of the data is a legal issue that is not open to interpretation. The Minister cannot say that it is irrelevant to know whether the data is hosted in the Google or Microsoft data centers: it means suddenly canceling the GDPR and the whole package of regulations coming from Europe ”.


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