Puglia: immediately hired 6000 operators including medical nurses and Oss and other health professions


Puglia: immediately hired 6000 operators including medical nurses and Oss and other health professions
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With the resolution of the regional council, the recruitment procedures involving about 6000 health workers are initiated

Below are all the directives for the General Managers

“Considering the need to guarantee uniform operating procedures at the regional level regarding the recruitment of personnel of the Companies and Entities of the SRG, as well as to implement the current legislation on the subject, as expressly requested by the Public Health trade unions, the Regional Council for through the councilor rapporteur for the branch, approves the operational indications on the subject of personnel management of the companies and bodies of the SRG, establishing a unique behavior relatively stabilization by all the General Managers of the Health Authorities for the whole regional territory under penalty of forfeiture. At present, this resolution will stabilize 5,817 fixed-term personnel.


The resolution also provides that at the conclusion of the stabilization procedures, or even at the same time if there is a capacity for recruitment, the General Managers may proceed with the scrolling of the rankings currently in force, under penalty of forfeiture procedure.

Particular attention is paid to the following competition rankings:

  • classification of Physiotherapists Asl BA, suitable recruitment by scrolling;
  • ASL TA psychologists ranking, suitable recruitment by scrolling;
  • ranking Nurses Single regional competition, suitable recruitment by scrolling;
  • ranking Oss single regional competition, suitable recruitment by scrolling;
  • ranking of Administrative Executives ARESS Competition, suitable recruitment by means of scrolling “

The general managers will thus be able to stabilize, after a reconnaissance procedure, nurses and other health workers who have matured:

  • at December 31, 2022, at various SSN administrations, at least three years of service, even if not continuous, in the last eight years;
  • at 30 June 2022 employed by an institution of the National Health Service at least eighteen months of service, even if not continuous, of which at least six months in the period between 31 January 2020 and 30 June 2022.

“The deliberations – explained the commissioner Clear – it is a systemic measure, which comes after a great deal of work by the Department, which I thank and after a close discussion with the trade unions and with the general management.

These are operational indications for an analytical reconnaissance of the staff in service, after a census of the various positions and valid rankings. In fact, the recruitments from the current rankings have been released and the green light will be given to the permanent recruitment of those who are in service and have accrued the legal requirements for stabilization, even if hired for covid emergency. We have also launched the provision to avoid leaks forward and recruitment discrepancies that would have blocked the rights of those in the rankings or who can be stabilized “.

In short, it is an “all in”, first the staff who can be stabilized and then the suitable ones.

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