Quartararo wins the Catalan GP. Aleix Espargaro celebrates one lap early and loses 2nd place


Quartararo wins the Catalan GP.  Aleix Espargaro celebrates one lap early and loses 2nd place
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Aleix Espargaro was born in Granollers, a town which is one kilometer from this track. This is where he grew up as a driver and as a man. Today in MotoGP he started from pole, he was the favorite: with Aprilia he is fighting for the world championship, it could have been the great day of overtaking against Quartararo, the defending champion. On the grid she wore a helmet that she wanted to dedicate to the doctors who, with a series of surgeries, saved the life of her 4-year-old daughter Mia. Last night was the birthday of the little girl and her twin, Max. They celebrated in the paddock, a cake and many colored balloons. How much pressure on me, poor Aleix. He ran an almost perfect race, behind the Frenchman from Yamaha. And crossing the finish line he raised his arm to celebrate a still beautiful test. He did not realize that he had miscalculated, there are 25 laps of the gp and he still had to cover one. Incredible mistake, yet. When he realized it, he tried to catch up: but in the meantime he had already lost 3 positions. He finished 5th, in tears. “I’m still very down. I’m very sorry for what happened, I apologize to Aprilia. It was an unacceptable mistake, I didn’t see my blackboard well. I’m very sorry, it’s only nine points but today it was a second position at home and I’m very sad “.

MotoGp Catalonia, Bagnaia out at the first corner: this is what happened

Rivola, in Aprilia: “Aleix is ​​desperate. We are all with him”

At the Aprilia garage, the CEO Massimo Rivola he has the magone for his pilot. “From this race I was ready to expect anything, but this really wasn’t. It’s a shame, they were important points and on his home circuit Aleix really wanted to do well. Now he’s desperate. Let’s think about cheering him up: here too we have shown that we are there, and in 2 weeks in Germany we will be able to do great things “. Aleix’s father tries to smile, understanding: “I don’t know what happened to him. But I know we love him. He’s an incredible guy. He deserves to win the title. And I’m sure that from today everyone will be cheering for him.” .

MotoGp, Aleix Espargaro: “I haven’t seen the flag, it’s the worst point of my career”

by Massimo Calandri

Bagnaia and Bastianini in the gravel, Quartararo celebrates

Aprilia, Ducati, Bagnaia, Bastianini: it had to be the festival of Italian motorcycles and riders, ready to crush the French Quartararo in their grip and throw him off the MotoGP throne. Instead. What a rosary of tumbles for our champions. Poor Pecco pulled down the first corner by an unconscious Nakagami, Bastianini which ended its desperate comeback in the gravel after a few laps. Even the Ducati fans are out Bezzecchi And By Giannantonio. Aleix Espargaro was about to take a very precious second place with the bike from Noale, but he celebrated with one lap early: an incredible evaluation error cost him 3 positions. In the end, the Montemelò circuit celebrates the success of the Frenchman from Yamaha, reigning champion, in the lead from the first to the last lap and now on the run also in the standings: Quartararo has 22 points ahead of Aleix’s Aprilia. Bastianini is at -53 from the French, Bagnaia even at -66. The hopes that an Italian will win the world championship are reduced to a flicker, and we are not even halfway through the season. At least they smile at the Pramac team of the Tuscan Paolo Campinoti, with two Ducati riders – Martin, Zarco – on the podium. Marini, 6th is the best of the Italian pilots.

Fabio, what a joy: “Impossible to ask for more”

Quartararo celebrates a victory that is like a punch on the table. It’s me, the champion. “I wanted to stay in front, push to the maximum immediately: everything went well, this is an incredible satisfaction. I checked from the start. Here and at Mugello it had to be complicated races for me, but I got 45 points. Impossible to ask for more. “.

Zarco: “But how did poor Aleix make a mistake?”

Jorge Martin tomorrow we work on my hand, but today when I smile: “It was a difficult period, but I never doubted”, says the Spaniard. “Martinator is there, and next time we will do better”. Zarco and an unexpected podium: “What an incredible mistake Aleix made! I was lucky. At the start Nakagami exaggerated, I was careful not to get involved. Little by little I recovered. In the end, however, I ran out of speed, the hard rear tire. it didn’t give me any advantage: I thought that Espargarò had had a technical problem, I was right not to give up “.

“Irresponsible” Nakagami pulls Pecco down at the first corner

For Pecco Bagnaia, after the success of Mugello, this was a point of no return: it was forbidden to make mistakes. The Piedmontese at the start paid great attention, tackling the first corner at the end of the straight, leaving room for Aleix Espargaro and Quartararo, protagonist of a fast pace that immediately threw him in the lead. Behind them, Nakagami with the Honda lost control due to too much heat and fell on the asphalt, overwhelming Rins but before that even touching the rear wheel of the Ducati rider with his helmet. “Irresponsible!”, He has lost patience Davide Tardozzi, team manager of the Red team. In the sensational impact on the Japanese, the visor blew off. And poor, innocent Pecco slipped away, into the gravel. Another ‘zero’. His race for the title, which was already very complicated, is now almost impossible.

Bastianini’s comeback ends at turn 5

Quartararo has put into practice the perfect plan: on the run, free to choose the preferred trajectory and without the bogeyman of consuming the tire behind someone, after 5 laps he had already accumulated an advantage of over 2 seconds over Martin, more reactive than the Aprilia by Aleix, in turn closely followed by Zarco. After Bezzecchi fell, Bastianini started to recover one position after the other until the seventh, behind the former teammate Marini: but after a great lap, when it was time to increase the pace he lost control of his GP21 at the corner 5. And a few seconds later the other Gresini team driver, Di Giannantonio, also ended up upside down at 13. Truly a grand prix to forget for the Italians. Meanwhile, Aleix got back in front of Martin.

Espargarò celebrates with an early lap and loses the podium

The Frenchman continued to run, solitary and bossy, managing the advantage without worries. That with 7 laps from the end he went up to 5 seconds. For second place, Martin was stronger than the pain in his right hand – he will have carpal tunnel surgery tomorrow morning – and put the Catalan and the bike from Noale behind him, with Aleix only apparently struggling in the grip of Pramac. 4 seconds from the trio, Mir remained ahead of Marini and Vinales. In the final, Espargaro firmly returned to 2nd place, thanks to perfect tire management: the result that the Granollers rider – today wore a helmet dedicated to doctors who saved the life of his 4-year-old daughter Mia with some heart operations – he started to celebrate. But too soon. The time to realize the mistake, too late: Aleix slipped to 5th place, preceded also by Mir’s Suzuki. Seventh position for Vinales’ Aprilia, Morbidelli is 13th right in front of a disappointing Miller with the factory Ducati.


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