Raimondo Todaro reveals an anecdote about the period in which he was separating


Raimondo Todaro reveals an anecdote about the period in which he was separating
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After Rudy Zerbialso Raimondo Todaro was interviewed by Lorella Cuccarini in his space “A coffee with”. Former professional dancer of Dancing with the Starstoday in the cast of Friends as a dance teacher, he told some interesting stories about his origins and his childhood:

I’m 101% from Catania, but I’m from Catania by mistake, because my parents already lived on Lake Garda. It happens that at Christmas they go on vacation to their parents in January. When it was time to go back up my mom feels there and so she said to my father “let’s stay at least I have the parents close I feel we’re almost there”. I was born on January 19th, I was baptized on February 4th and immediately afterwards we left. I went to kindergarten, elementary and middle school and between the 1st and 2nd grade I moved back down. I only have one brother, but I can’t count how many cousins ​​I have. I have many uncles, because with my father there are 8 brothers, with my mother instead there are 5. I should take some time.

I was lively, calm, unlike my brother who was an earthquake. I was the quiet one of the family. More calm, more serious. I spent my time playing football. Growing up I have always played in defense, full-back, I have never lacked a run-up.

Raimondo Todaro confessed how her love for dance was born:

In September 1993 by accident. In reality, mom and dad were passionate about dancing, they went to the dance hall with their brothers-in-law to dance. That September they thought “why don’t we go to a school so we learn to take a walk”. Then in reality they never started, I think it was the teacher who said “why don’t you let the children try”. We started together on the same day, we never stopped. I was 5 and a half years old.

I won the first Italian championship at the age of 9 in the 6-9 category. So I thought I’d dedicate myself completely to that. When I was 9/10 I was training 4 hours a day every day. At the age of 10, I started with great travels. I have won 18 championships. There were years in which in a single year I would win 3 championships. In the world championship I finished second in 2001 it was a world championship of Latinos, it was complicated because then whoever does 10 dances you have to work harder.

Barely of age, for Raimondo Todaro the experience of Dancing with the Stars has arrived. A “marriage” that lasted 16 years and which gave him many satisfactions, as well as 5 victories:

I get there because my brother reads on the Fids website there was an announcement of these castings. In the summer they were looking for teachers because then in September they would do the edition with the Italy lottery until January 6. We met Carlucci, we saw how a casting is done, because in our world there is no casting. I accompanied my brother out of desperation otherwise he wouldn’t have left me a minute. We let them accompany us, I get there, he tells me “now that you are here, what are you doing, do not enter”. He lends me his pants. I went there, I danced, I had a small number. In August I started rehearsals with Cristina Chiabotto.

It was my first year and my only thought was not to go out on the first episode. I said “think if I go out on the first episode and go home, what do I look like, At least the second, the third”. My brother was not taken but he was super happy for me. We went to play, I never would have thought that an 18-year-old boy would put him in prime time on Rai Uno, in what until then was the most important program on Rai.

Last year Raimondo Todaro landed in Mediaset, in the talent of Maria De Filippi:

I got there because actually having Francesca who had been working there for several years, however, there was a relationship with Maria. He happened to meet us. Years ago we had had a chat. Then when I decided to stop my experience at Dancing I called Maria and told her “if you want, I’m here now”. A little later she called me for another chat in the office. I had a great time with everyone right away. With you, with authors, professionals, I am fond of the canteen and cleaning girls.

My concern was that, having worked for 16 years always in the same environment, you know the seamstresses of Ballandor I’m a bit like great-aunts, my biggest thought was “who knows if I’ll be happy on the other side too”. I was not worried about the episode, the broadcast, I must say that they were really extraordinary. The thing I really like about this program is that you work with guys. With guys, you get the feeling that you feel more important, more useful to them. They have an age where you can still be important. When you work with people of a certain age who already have many years of career and it is difficult to go and change an idea, a thought.

Shortly before his entry to Amici, Raimondo Todaro he reunited with his wife, the dancer Francesca Touch. The two had separated in 2019. It would seem that among the causes there was also the flirting of Francesca with the former pupil Valentin Dumitru:

We were back together in July. July is a special month. On 3 July 2010 we got engaged and in July 2021 we got back together after 2 years. When we parted, we parted without knowing why. There was no particular reason. The relationship was simply not there anymore. For strong love, goodness and respect we have always told ourselves not to pretend. At 30, you can’t pretend, you can’t stay another 40 years with a person if he’s not the same as before. In retrospect, our luck was to separate. Because if we insisted on staying together, it wouldn’t go. After 2 years of separation you understand that at least for my part I never thought of having another woman. I leave home hoping to recover the relationship. It took a while but then it did.

In the course of the interview, the dancer also talked about Jasminehis little girl:

When you have a sissy and you’re a dad, I can’t explain to you. I could say you’re a cog daddy. It is my weakness. I understand when mom and dad used to tell me I would give my life for you. We have a very special relationship, I try not to spoil her, to be tough, but it’s difficult.

Francesca hopes with all her strength that she does not take that path there of sports dance. But in the house she actually dances a lot. She puts music on Youtube, watches ballets and tries to copy. She is very happy with gymnastics.

Regarding talent:

I would say that natural talent can count even zero. If you only have that, you don’t do anything with it. Between a student who has talent 10 and a student who has perseverance, tenacity, head, I take the latter. Getting involved is essential, but I really believe that in life in general you have to get involved.

Raimondo Todaro he also participated in Tale and Quali Show:

It was madness, excitement mixed with fear, anxiety. It was the strongest experience of my life. There I understood what it meant not to sleep at night. I looked at the ceiling for weeks in fear. I remember the crises when I was in the elevator with the microphone in hand. I wanted to escape. Go do something you’ve never done.

I do the casting, I introduce myself and I saw the authors talking to each other, I saw them interested. I wanted to prepare all year and do the next edition. They called me in mid-July, the first episode on September 14th. I wanted to escape. I canceled the summer holidays to do a minimum of singing lessons, a great experience.

A Ballando also won paired with Giusy Versace:

A relationship of brotherhood remained after years. This is the most beautiful thing, the friendships you carry around with you. A wonderful edition, I remember it so much. A wonderful memory.

However, it was not she who gave him the greatest satisfaction:

The students who give you the most satisfaction are those who are a basket case at the beginning. Perhaps the one who went further than initial expectations is a girl named Xenia, a Siberian model. The first days a tragedy.

Raimondo Todaro he told about the differences he found within the two programs:

Two completely different jobs. At Amici you have the satisfaction of working with guys who are talents, phenomena, want to do that in life. The final product is different. You work all week, go on an episode and enjoy. A Ballando is different, we are talking about people who do something completely different in life.

With Milly Carlucci the relationships did not end very well, but he is aware that he owes everything to her:

He raised me. I can’t help but have a good memory. Everything I know how to do I owe to her, to Dancing about her, to the whole family, for me she was like a mother. When we closed her relationship, we didn’t close it very well and I’m sorry about that, but I’m very good in conscience, I know you know and that’s enough for me. Milly is like Maria is a workaholic. They share a passion for the work they do. They would even do it for free. They would pay to do it. You really see it.

The main difference is that Milly is someone who wants to be in control of everything. Milly goes into the wigs room to see everyone’s hair and she almost tells you what panties to wear. While Maria gives you a lot of carte blanche. She never came to tell me do this. It must also be said that however Maria also does many programs at the same time, so she could not even want to. While Milly focuses only on that.

I began to appreciate Maria a lot but just a lot in the period in which I separated from Francesca. One day I get a phone call was she had heard of the breakup she called me then every day because she wanted to understand she summoned me to the office she made a kind of episode of There is mail for you. I enjoyed it very much. Maria was the only person who called me. Others haven’t.

The report of Raimondo Todaro with social media:

I have to think about being more active. By nature I was not born for social media, I am reserved, then I am one of those who enjoy the moments. I understand that they are part of our job. It is right to give the people who have followed you for so many years the satisfaction of knowing what you do. During Friends it is easy, as long as you rewrite what the fans send you! I am active the same!

I don’t give a damn about social criticism, everything slips on me. I understand that you can like it or not like it.

On Alessandra Celentano:

The question everyone asks me is is Celentano really so? Seriously, you actually know we have a great relationship with her. Behind the scenes you would not think. Even though we come from two different worlds, we are very similar in many things. Stubborn, we think we are always right alone, we do not keep a cecio in our mouth, we do not count to 10 before speaking. We would do everything to protect our students. She stays there until she freaks you out. Then you lose patience by force.

And on talent fans:

Amici’s audience is crazy for the affection they give you. At home they make you understand that you are sending something.

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