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Record WhatsApp calls –
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For several years now, the technological evolution in the field of communication has made incredible progress, implementing services that allow us to constantly communicate with each other. Some characteristics more than others have determined this rise of the new communication media, such as for example the (almost) total free of charge of digital communication services.

To give a significant jolt to the world of interpersonal communication, simple and fast, they certainly were social media: services such as Facebook and, before that, MSN, they have allowed everyone to experience the thrill of communicating quickly and for free with our friends and relatives. Whether it’s something important or just the pleasure of staying in touch, social media has made it all possible and easy.

The situation has improved even more with the introduction of so-called instant messaging services, which accelerated the communication process. Services such as WhatsApp or Telegram are born with the clear intention of want to replace expensive SMS and MMSgiving free and functional alternatives, suitable for any need, from talking to a friend to communicating with work colleagues without having to think too much about the cents left on the SIM.

And with the advent of new technologies, new needs also arise. There are those who are looking for benefits in terms of usability and those who want new functions in terms of privacy. How does a service like WhatsApp cope with all of this?

WhatsApp and its evolution


Whatsapp It is one of the most famous and used instant messaging services. It was born in 2009 from the idea of ​​two former Yahoo employees and in 2014 it was bought by A halfthe entrepreneurial group headed by Mark Zuckerbergthe creator of Facebook. They belong to the same group Facebook and Instagram.

His luck is due to several factors such as, for example, the fate of being almost totally free, except for some WhatsApp Business functions which will soon require an optional subscription to be used and we have talked about them in this article. Another important reason is the ease of use of the interface, extremely intuitive and available to everyone.

Added to all this is the ever-growing amount of offered services from the same application: WhatsApp in fact, despite being born as a simple instant messaging application, has implemented several collateral services which made its use eclectic. In addition to text messages, it is also possible to send photos, images and videos, even in very high quality.

Among the most used features during the pandemic there is certainly that video calls and some voice calls. With one of the latest updates, you can call or video call 32 people at the same time. Many wondered if it was possible record phone calls from WhatsApp as it happens with normal calls. Will it actually be possible?

Record WhatsApp calls

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Voice calls are often ephemeral communications, leaving few traces. One therefore wonders if it is possible to preserve them in some way. Also born from this need is the desire to record voice calls on whatsapp. But will it be possible?

Below, we will mainly talk about the ability to record WhatsApp calls on devices with an operating system android. Let’s say right away that recording calls it’s possible and there are various ways, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

The first option is to check if your device has an integrated method to record phone calls. Many brands have this ability among their basic functionalities, which gives an advantage to those who buy a particular mobile phone. Even if you don’t really refer to WhatsApp, some applications may still be fine for all needs.

Many mobile phones have among their basic functions such as, a voice recorder. Although this is a somewhat crude method, the voice recordings could be solved through this application. That will be enough start the callput in speakerphone and start recording via this application open in the background.

An easier solution would definitely be to use external devices used for audio recording. But if you want other solutions that you can integrate directly with your smartphone, there is still something to say.

In case the options examined have not satisfied you, external, third-party services will come to your aid. Indeed, you could download an application directly from playstoreFor example Cube Call recorder ACR. The use of the application is very simple and guided, so that everyone succeeds in their intent. What is important and useful is that this application, in addition to WhatsApp calls, is capable of record conventional calls.

Your device may be unsuitable for the purpose but, in principle, with the proposed methods you should be fine.

The app can be downloaded here on the Google PlayStore.

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