Red alert to Google, the two founders Brin and Page were urgently recalled: ChatGPT is a threat to the monopoly of its search engine


Red alert to Google, the two founders Brin and Page were urgently recalled: ChatGPT is a threat to the monopoly of its search engine
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Larry Page and Sergey Brin have been away from the company since 2019, but current CEO Sundar Pichai called them back for some urgent meetings. On the agenda, the danger that ChatGPT can pose

NEW YORK – Red alert to Google-Alphabet that brings back the founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brinlittle present in the company since 2019, now entrusted to the guidance of the CEO Sundar Pichai. It was just him to call them back from their Caribbean islands and from traveling to the four corners of the world to participate in a series of emergency meetings to review the group’s strategies in a period of crisis in the entire technology sector, but above all in a turning point in the development of artificial intelligence which endangers Google’s main business: its near monopoly in search engines.

Headlines are the 12,000 layoffs announced today, January 20, equal to 6 percent of the company’s workforce. Painful cuts but in line with those made by other big tech groups: just two days ago Microsoft announced the elimination of 10,000 jobs while 18,000 employees will leave Amazon, especially in the AWS division (cloud services).

The real threat to Google, according to rumors gathered by The Information site, Business Insider and, now, the New York Times, comes from ChatGPT content generatorthe most advanced artificial intelligence product presented two months ago by the research company Open AI: in a few weeks he has demonstrated an ability to explain complex concepts in a simple way and to go beyond the analysis of the data provided to him, generating ideas. Technologists from all over the world are already studying how to use these amazing capabilities in various fields that have made ChatGPT become the most discussed innovation at the Davos economic forum up to American schools where (as reported by Corriere in recent days) many high school students have begun to present tasks totally redacted by the chatbot based on simple instructions.

For Google, the problem is different: the fear of the managers is that ChatGPT, thanks to the ease with which it understands the instructions received and its ability to use natural language, can undermine or even supplant Google search: The search engine that controls almost today 90 percent of the world market and generates, through advertising, 60 percent of the group’s income.

Google’s alarm was probably amplified by rumors according to which Microsoft is discussing the integration of ChatGPT into Bing with OpenAI, its search engine that has been languishing for years with market shares ranging between 3 and 4 percent. For now, OpenAI has the ball, a research company led by Sam Altman (former head of the Y Combinator technology accelerator), founded in 2015 by him, from Elon Musk (later exited from the board in 2019), from Peter Thiel and from Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn. But Microsoft also has an important role having invested one billion dollars in the company in 2019.

OpenAI is a strange animal: born as a philanthropic company with the aim of developing an artificial intelligence «with a human face», it is now divided between a non-profit corporation And a company which, on the other hand, does business.

It is with this part that the head of Microsoft is probably talking Satya Nadella (manager of Indian origin like Pichai) who these days, from Davos, continues to talk enthusiastically about ChatGPT. Nadella basically has confirmed the rumors saying first that the OpenAi chatbot will be used in AzureMicrosoft’s cloud system, and adding that the Seattle group intends to study the integration of ChatGPT in all its products. Today even presented this content generator as a miracle product which can modernize the agriculture of the Indian subcontinent by reaching the farmers even in the most remote localities where the land is still cultivated with archaic methods.

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