Redfall: new details on the protagonists from Bethesda


Redfall: new details on the protagonists from Bethesda
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With a post on Bethesda’s official website, the guys from Arkane Studios unveiled the background of the four heroes from Refallthe cooperative shooter coming during the course of 2023 on Xbox consoles and PC.

In Redfall we will hunt down vampires as one of the four “heroes by chance” available and that we have also seen in the gameplay trailer of the Xbox Showcase 2022: Layla Ellison, a student in debt up to the neck with telekinetic powers; Devinder “Dev” Crousley a supernatural hunter with a diverse anti-vampire arsenal; Jacob Boyer, a sharpshooter with a “zombie” eye capable of summoning a psychic raven; finally Remi de Rosa, an engineer accompanied by the robot Bribón. Here are the details about them from Bethesda’s official post:


“Layla moved to the island to study biomedical engineering at Redfall Polytechnic, and was immediately struck by misfortune … in the form of a huge student debt. To partially alleviate her financial woes (and in an attempt to cure her recurring migraines), she volunteered for a clinical study at the local tech company, Aevum. Of course, Layla never goes straight for one, and a strange series of events that occurred during the trial gave her her f & $% # @% ssimi superpowers. If nothing else, though, she’s made some money and can now create things with the power of thought, so maybe she hasn’t gone too badly. “

Devinder “Dev” Crousley

“Dev has traveled the world in an effort to prove the existence of the bizarre and the supernatural. Author, brilliant inventor and self-styled ‘cryptid hunter’, Dev has become fairly well known on the Internet thanks to his expeditions and connections. He was in Redfall to promote his latest book, when the vampires cut the island off from the rest of the world, preventing him from abandoning it. Now he will have to test all his experience to survive and escape from Redfall. Fortunately, his studies. they’ve provided the knowledge he needs to craft his personal anti-vampire weapons. And if, in addition to getting off the island, he can prove that his gadgets work and that vampires really exist … well, so much the better! “

Refall, the four protagonists

Jacob Boyer

Jacob joined the army as soon as he was of age to do so, climbing the ranks and managing to join a secret elite unit of the special forces, with which he participated in a series of reconnaissance and combat missions. Upon his departure, Jacob joined Bellwether, a private militia that accepts contracts for governments and companies around the world. It was one of these companies that brought his unit to Redfall under mysterious orders known only to his superiors. Once on the island, separated from his team, he had a chance encounter with OMISSIS that gave him an eye with unique powers and a psychic raven that now never separates from him. “

Remi de la Rosa

“A brilliant engineer and robotics specialist, Remi joined the coast guard, driven by her determination to protect others. With her division, she served on the front line during various disasters. During this time, she created Bribón, a technologically advanced designed to act as decoy, cover and attack. Thanks to his experience in robotics, he has visited many coast guard bases to train other members in the use of remote search and rescue technologies. she ended up in Redfall. Now she will have to face an unprecedented disaster. Thank goodness Bribón is watching her back. “

As explained by Arkane, in Redfall we will be able to play alone or accompanied by three other friends. The group can be made up of four different heroes, but the “duplicates“, but on the contrary it is possible to form a team with all the same characters if you want, even if we assume that the game dynamics favor the combined use of the specialties of the protagonists.

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