Renewable energy: where to install photovoltaics


The acceleration of the energy transition is now the main objective of the Government which seeks to decrease dependence on fossil energy sources and to lighten the costs for businesses and households due to the increase in energy prices. Let’s go and discover together the latest news of the Aid Decree on the renewable energy front.

It has been decided in recent days to extend the areas suitable for installations of plants for the production of energy from renewable sourcesin particular of the photovoltaic.

Renewable energy: the areas suitable for installation increase

Renewable energy

As already specified by the Aid Decreethere will be many simplifications for those who intend to install plants they produce energy from renewable sourcesspecifically a expansion of areas suitable for the installation of such systems.

The list of designated areas also includes those that are not included in the perimeter of assets subject to protection and that do not fall within the range of respect for these assets.

The distance to recognize an area within the buffer zone is 7 kilometers for wind farms and 1 kilometer for those photovoltaic.

The addition of these areas will be added to those already foreseen by the Legislative Decree 199/2021 and supplemented by DL 17/2022. In particular we are talking about specific areas, namely:

– sites where systems from the same source are already installed and where non-substantial modifications are carried out;
– the areas of the sites subject to remediation identified according to the rules of the Environmental Code;
– ceased quarries and mines, not recovered or abandoned or in conditions of environmental degradation;
– the sites and plants available to the companies of the Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane Group.

Renewable energy: simplification of authorizations


The simplified authorization procedures provided for the areas that depend on the isuitability for the installation of renewable plants. The concessions are also applied to electrical infrastructure connection of energy production plants from alternative sources and those necessary for the development of the electricity grid of national transmission, obviously they should be attributable to the increase in energy that can be produced from sources of renewable energy.

Within 60 days of the entry into force of the Decree, the Ministry of Culture it will have to establish uniform criteria for the evaluation of plant projects. The suitability concerns specific points on the theme of landscape and territory protection, in any case any project must comply with the formalized measures and criteria.

Photovoltaics and agricultural businesses

Renewable energy

One of the most interesting aspects of the latest news concerns the agricultural enterprisesin fact the decree contains some measures aimed at facilitating theinstallation of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of farms to accelerate the ecological transition.

The production of electric energy from renewables can duplicate thanks to the installations of photovoltaic systemsin this way even if an excess of this energy is generated, it will be stored and subsequently sold or reused in order to provide another means of income for farmers.

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