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Renzo Arbore represents the world of entertainment at 360 °. He wrote the history of radio and then of television. Great music expert as well as great musician. Italy is thanking him in many ways, but next to him there is not the person with whom he would have liked to share all this. Who?

Within the infinite world of Rai there are those who have made the history of television and those who have written unforgettable pages on the radio. He is the only Rai character to have written the history of radio and television together bringing, in each of them, all his inimitable creativity.

Renzo Arbore-Altranotizia

The December 3, 2021on the initiative of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellahe was appointed Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic. In a few months his hometown, Foggiawill give him Arbore housethe simplest, most beautiful and natural way to say thank you to his brilliant son, Renzo Arborewhich has always claimed, with legitimate pride, its Apulian origins.

Moments of great emotion that, however, the great artist lived and will live in solitude because next to him there was and will not be the person who made him happier. Who are we talking about?

Renzo Arbore and that eternal love

Renzo Arbore he has always been a convinced bachelor, but in his life, alongside a career that has always seen him at the forefront, enjoying unanimous acclaim and ever-increasing popularity everywhere, he has also had important loves with women linked to the world of entertainment.

In the 60s the Apulian artist was linked to the singer and presenter, Vanna Brosio. From their history Mughal And Baptists they drew inspiration for the song Innocent escapes. For some time Renzo Arbore was related to the Roman singer Gabriella Ferriuntil you get to the long love affair with Mara Venier. But before and after the relationship with the Venetian presenter, there was her, the greatest love …

In an interview given some time ago to Corriere della Sera, Renzo Arbore recalled the moment they first met. Was at Sistina Theater and was struck by that two-toned girl whose name was Mariangela Melato. A great love story that ended when the actress decided to go to work in America. A long pause for reflection in which both have gained other experiences, only to find themselves in the 2007to never leave each other … until the end.

Illness and the heartbreaking farewell

The couple was thus recomposed, because that understanding, that profound and intense affinity had not been canceled by the years. A love like this can only be interrupted by an event. When the disease occurred a Mariangela Melato so dramatically, Renzo Arbore he was next to her and it was like that until the end.

We assisted her in the painful years of her illness. My role until the day before the farewell was to make her smile“, As reported by the reformist. it. That girl with two-tone hair, “who spoke quickly and with great knowledge of the facts“Entered him like no other.

When all of Italy celebrates him, he thinks about how nice it would have been to experience these emotions next to her. Next to Mariangela Melato.
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