Report Covid Asl, 2,978 Currently Positive: 365 In Lecce, 77 Hospitalized, 7 In CPR. Numbers Still Descent, From the Ministry of Reassurance on the Chinese Wave – Corriere Salentino Lecce


Report Covid Asl, 2,978 Currently Positive: 365 In Lecce, 77 Hospitalized, 7 In CPR.  Numbers Still Descent, From the Ministry of Reassurance on the Chinese Wave – Corriere Salentino Lecce
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LECCE – The new alarm for the exponential growth of infections in China was scaled down by the Minister of Health Schillaci, who pointed out that there are no subvariants in circulation other than those that are already widespread in Europe. In any case, covid is experienced by the majority of citizens as a kind of flu, even if a sudden and rapid increase in infections could lead to the imposition of masks in closed places.

In Salento, the new wave does not cause particular concern, even if circulation is detected in every Salento community. The data confirms that i Apulians no longer trust anticovid vaccines: Once again this week the membership was low among the most fragile. In the Asl’s Covid report, updated to today, Friday, December 30, 2022, the decrease in infections affects almost all of Salento. It passes from 3,287 to 2,978 residents in the province of Lecce currently positive for the virus. The infected per 1000 inhabitants dropped to 3.7 per thousand (they were at 4.1 last week). This situation is documented in the new report of the ASL of Lecce prepared by Dr. Fabrizio Quarta, UOC Director of Epidemiology and Statistics.

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The Lecce Local Health Authority reports a decrease of inpatients after the increases of recent weeks: from 92 to 77 inpatients. They change data relating to covid patients in the ward of Hospital Infectious Diseases of Galatina, which went from 10 to 11 hospitalized. In the internal Medicine there are 20 patients in the Galatinese hospital (there were 17 last week). Stable numbers in COVID department of DEA anesthesia and resuscitation of Lecce: elderly patients with previous illnesses are always 7. In the Hospital pulmonology “Vito Fazzi” the number of hospitalized patients decreases, from 38 to 30. They decrease to 9 the patients in the ward of Infectious diseases of the Lecce hospital of the capital of Lecce (there were 20).

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The ASL document signals a decline in the new wave: infections continue to fall. TO Lecce covid sufferers decrease from 377 to 365 residents. TO Casarano the residents with covid drop from 91 to 69. In the second most populous municipality in the Lecce area, a Nardo, the currently positive have become 90 (there were 92). The numbers drop again Galatina: we go from 92 to 75 currently positive. TO Tricase the numbers decrease, from 95 to 86. Contagions still decrease a Cupertino (78 to 68). TO Galaton the infected are falling again, from 67 to 58. The positives a decrease from 64 to 78 Jerseys. TO Gallipoli this week we go from 86 to 75 currently positive. They go down the currently positive a Surbo (82 to 57). TO Trepuzzi the infected drop from 63 to 55. The numbers relating to citizens who are positive for the virus decrease vigils (from 50 to 39). The positives rise in contrast, from 33 to 41 Melendugno. TO Lizzanello decrease from 61 to 46 covid sufferers.

Numbers decrease a Monteroni of Lecce: we go from 69 to 53 currently positive. TO They lever increase the number of currently positive, from 48 to 55. A Taviano the infected residents drop from 78 to 63. The positives for Covid residents in a Charmian. Also little horse the currently positive residents decrease, from 79 to 73. A Salento fields the numbers relating to currently positive residents remain 36. A They squeak the number of residents with covid drops from 67 to 61. A San Cesario of Lecce the positives increase from 27 to 35. The eagles this week it remains at 27 residents positive for the omicron variant. Greetings it has 27 positives (it was 32 last week).

TO Morning the infected have become 36 (last week they were 45). The city of Martano sees currently positive residents decrease: from 55 to 42.
at 36 currently positive They ruffian (they were 32). In the Municipality of Ugento remains at 41 currently positive. The number of covid patients decreases from 33 to 28 a San Donato of Lecce. TO Let them flow they fall i numbers of positives: from 14 to 17. The numbers of infected residents in Italy decreased from 46 to 33 Racale. TO Cutrofiano they increase35 to 39 residents who contracted the virus. The numbers a Presicce – Acquarica they are still stuck at 52 sick with COVID. TO Otranto 10 remain the currently positive (there were 16). TO Ortelle positive residents decrease from 11 to 8. Positive citizens a Castrignano of the Greeks go from 14 to 13. TO Castrignano del Capo the numbers of covid patients drop (from 35 to 34). Corsano has 21 residents with covid (had 18). TO Gagliano of the Cape the currently positive ones go from 23 to 24. Sogliano Cavour is at 16 positive residents (there were 18). TO Sunny the number of currently positives drops, from 28 to 22. Diso goes down dat 13 to 8 infected residents. Patu rises to 11 this week (there were 10 residents with Covid). TO Palmariggthe the numbers decrease: from 7 to 4 citizens positive for the virus.

In contrast, infections are also increasing ad Alessano: we go from 21 to 24 currently positive residents. TO Poggiardo they drop this friday from 29 to 27 the currently positive. Also Calimera increase against the trend, 14 to 29, residents with covid. TO Parabite this week the currently infected decrease from 26 to 25. TO Nut the inhabitants positive for covid go from 11 to 2. TO Novoli the numbers are still decreasing (from 27 to 24 currently positive). TO Spongano they drop to odds 9 (there were 8) i currently positive residents. TO Superhealthy decrease: they are 12 the currently positive (there were 14). The numbers of positives are increasing a Tuglie: I’m 19 (was 22). Minervino of Lecce falls from 15 to 6 residents with covid. The infected decrease from 20 to 6 a Porto Cesareo. To Alezio the numbers decrease from 46 to 37 currently positive. Aradeo it is currently 44 positive (there were 66). Allist drops from 34 to 30. They will go has 20 currently positive residents (there were 38). The currently positive residents have become 18 (they were 17 last week). Cursi. Sannicola it goes from 30 to 21 currently positive residents. Zollino this week it drops from 7 to 5 infected. For all other countries you can consult the tables inserted at the beginning of the article: just click on them. Positive migrants and tourists temporarily domiciled in the Lecce area remain stable at 12.


The report also photographs the anti-Covid vaccination campaign: since the beginning of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign, 1,848,788 vaccine doses have been administered so far to citizens residing in the province of Lecce, of which 650,773 first doses, 659,413 second doses (including single-dose), 486,286 third doses and 52,316 fourth doses.


With 8,178 (yesterday 8,786) tests performed and 1,897 (yesterday 1,616) cases, the positive index rises to 23.20% compared to 18.39% yesterday. Average last two days 20.79% (previous 26.49%).
There are 6 deaths compared to 9 yesterday.
With 466 new cases (yesterday 389) the province of Lecce remains in second place among the Apulian provinces (Bari, 613 cases).
Overall, hospitalized patients drop from 269 to 265 (-4), while the currently positive ones rise from 14,554 to 15,376 (+822).
Of the 265 hospitalized, 252 (yesterday 256, -4) are in a non-critical area, while 13 (yesterday 13, +0) are in intensive care.


Province of Bari: 613

Province of Bat: 124

Province of Brindisi: 164

Province of Foggia: 247

Province of Lecce: 466

Province of Taranto: 255

Residents outside the region: 27

Province being defined: 1

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