“Retire this massacre”: the revolt against the docuseries on Gianluca Vacchi mounts on Instagram – Open


“Retire this massacre”: the revolt against the docuseries on Gianluca Vacchi mounts on Instagram – Open
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Amazon Prime Video has ended up in the crosshairs of Instagram users for the very recent release of the docuseries Gianluca Vacchi: Mucho Más, dedicated to the story of the entrepreneur, influencer and tiktoker, Gianluca Vacchi. For a few hours, the Instagram page of the streaming giant has been at the center of attacks, which are clamoring for the removal of the series from the video platform. The indignation of the people of the social network is triggered by the fact that the release of the documentary, made available on May 25 on the Amazon platform, coincides with a complaint of exploitation at work against the social media star released yesterday May 26 by Republic, who interviewed a former Vacchi maid. On the occasion of the launch of the docu-series, designed to raise awareness of an unprecedented aspect of the influencer, often insulted on social media, Prime Video also exhibited a life-size statue of Vacchi in Piazza XXV Aprile in Milan, replacing the original tattoos with most recurring comments he receives under his posts.

The initiative on social media started from Soviet Aesthetics, a page that deals with social and political analysis, particularly attentive to the representation of minorities, which urged its followers to request en masse the removal of the docuseries under the Amazon Prime Video post promoting its release. There are already more than 700 comments, some speak of “havoc”, threatening the cancellation of the subscription. “Delete this garbage”, “An exploiter does not deserve a documentary that wants to make him idolize”, “I cancel my subscription if you do not withdraw it”, “We do not need a praise to those who consider his employees slaves, thank you!”, are some of the comments.

The complaint of the ex-maid

A 44-year-old Filipino woman, Gianluca Vacchi’s maid from May 2017 to December 2020, sued the influencer asking that 70,000 euros be recognized in overtime and unpaid severance pay. TO Republic, the woman, who is already the third former Vacchi employee to seek compensation from the labor court, described the three and a half years of working relationship as a nightmare made up of exploitation and harassment, with working hours far from 6 hours per day foreseen by the contract initially signed. The woman says she has worked up to twenty hours without interruption and almost never having received overtime, in many cases without benefiting from the weekly rest or even holidays. The 44-year-old remembers in particular the stays in Sardinia in the H20 villa in Porto Cervo, where “the hours extended approximately from 10 in the morning to 3 at night, sometimes even up to 4 or 5”.

But in the lawsuit, the ex-maid does not only speak of exploitation, but also of a real climate of terror against the staff. The servants, he says, were forced to perform perfectly the ballets set up for the TikTok videos in order not to unleash the anger of Vacchi “who inveighed against the servants, throwing his cell phone and breaking the lamp used for the filming.” Or they were threatened to have 100 euros deducted from their paychecks as a “fine” for any oversights during packing.

This latter circumstance would be documented by some voice messages mentioned Republic has come into possession, in which one feels theinfluencer inveigh against the servants: «Now I have broken my necks. Filipinos are fined 100 euros every time they forget something, I’m not kidding. At the cost that they all go away, otherwise I’ll kick them away, “she says. “They made my testosterone bites disappear, I become a beast”, and then: “Now I’m going home and if I see a long muzzle I’ll put my hands on him.” The straw that would have broken the camel’s back would have been the request to sign a confidentiality contract, which would have led to tensions with the maid and the consequent dismissal, also suffered by other collaborators.

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