Retirees, new bonus on the way: the opportunity is not to be missed


For pensioners over 70, under certain conditions, it will be possible to obtain a free decoder. The problems with the new Digital are over.

It is not an easy time for retirees. Indeed, in truth it has not been for a long time. The problem, of course, is to be found in the check. In most cases too low to maintain the waterline.

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In any case, while waiting for the next steps on the reform of the pension system to materialize, for the elderly people are focusing on some particular forms of facilitation, intended to relieve their accounts of some necessary expenses. Last but not least, that on the purchase of a new television, necessary for those who have to adapt to the new frequency of digital terrestrial. Alongside the TV and Scrapping bonuses, in fact, the Government has also ordered aid in less expensive directions. Specifically, for the purchase of new decoders, which can make their TVs compatible with the technology designed to raise the standards of television service. Basically, retirees who will have to replace the device will be able to benefit from help aimed at further reducing the cost.

An opportunity definitely not to be missed. Not only because, of course, the cost of a decoder is significantly lower than that of a TV, but also because the bonus could allow you to further amortize it. In practice, retirees will be able to receive a decoder capable of supporting the new frequencies completely free of charge. It is Poste Italiane that is taking care of sending citizens the information on how to obtain the devices for the modernization of their TV. Not to mention that, with the 2022 Budget Law, the TV Bonus has also been enhanced. Basically, the timing is good.

Free decoder for retirees: how to request it (and get it)

The recent modification, or rather, reshaping of the TV channels has also imposed a turning point in the appliances. Certainly the transition took place without major trauma, since for most of the cases a simple re-tuning was enough to get back to seeing your programs without problems. Indeed, in a much better frequency, entirely in HD. Some TVs, more “older”, they had to be changed. Or, the owners have provisionally contented themselves with the old SD, waiting for better times. But given that old technology will be permanently sent to the attic in 2023, it’s worth moving in time. And the bonus decoder falls by the way, especially for pensioners who will be entitled to it.

In the information provided by Poste Italiane, intended for all over 70s who have a pension allowance of less than 20,000 euros per year, how to obtain the benefit is explained. Specifically, a request must be made directly in response to the letter, in which the desire to access the offer and receive at home, totally free of charge, the decoder to be adapted to one’s own TV. Furthermore, by telephone agreement or at the post office itself, as well as on the internet, the day on which to receive it can be agreed. An opportunity not to be missed, also because it is practically at no cost. And, above all, it thins out the clouds on the fateful choice between new decoder or new TV.

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