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Riccardo Fogli’s personal and professional life is one of the most intense. And today a bad story…

He is known to have been the frontman and bassist of The Pooh between 1966 and 1973 (returning as a fifth member between 2015 and 2016). As well as for having won the 32nd Sanremo Festival and the first edition of the reality show Music Farm.

Riccardo Fogli: after the “bomb”, the witness |

At the beginning of their career, it’s really the Poohs, trained for some time, to notice, in the context of a festival, the then unknown Riccardo Fogli. Impressed by his indisputable singing and musical talent, they ask him to join the training. We are in 1966.

In 1973 Fogli officially separated from the Poohs to pursue a career as a solo artist. He is helped in particular by the advice of Patty Pravo, who at the time became his lover. In that same year, while the Pooh publish the highly decorated “Parsifal”, Fogli made his debut with the album “Ciao amore, come stai”, promoted by some singles.

Fogli’s is a long, very long, solo career. In these years in which he enters the history of Italian music we cannot fail to mention what is unanimously recognized as his greatest success: “Stories of every day”.

In 2015, after 42 years of absence, he returned to the Pooh for the 2016 “Reunion” tour, organized to celebrate the group’s fiftieth year of activity. In addition to playing all the dates of the tour, Riccardo records with the Pooh new five-voice versions of the band’s classics. “Thought”, “We two in the world and in the soul”, “Who will stop the music”, “Little Katy” and “Pierre”. In addition to the four unreleased songs featured on the triple CD/DVD live Pooh 50 – “L’ultima notte Insieme”, “Tante storie fa”, “Le cose che voglio”, “Ancora una canzone” and “Traguardi”.

On 31 January 2017, once the “Reunion” experience with the Poohs was over, Riccardo published the autobiography “A man who lived – Stories of all my days” for Sperling & Kupfer. On November 3, 2017, the album Insieme was released, created in collaboration with Roby Facchinetti. With the latter he also participates in the Sanremo Festival 2018, presenting the unpublished “The secret of time” and subsequently included in the special edition of “Insieme”.

Dodi Battaglia in defense of Riccardo Fogli

An intense professional and personal life, that of Riccardo Fogli. Already married to Viola Valentino, he abandoned her for a short time in 1972 due to a flirtation with Patty Pravo. He then returned to his wife, he separated permanently after meeting in 1992 on the set of “Where was she at that time?” the actress Stefania Brassi, then wife of the director Antonio Maria Magro, with whom he has a son, Alessandro. On 12 June 2010, after separating from Brassi, he married the Roman model Karin Trentini, who made him father of Michelle.

But let’s get to the present day and the bad story in which he got entangled. He participates in the third edition of the “Masked singer” with the mask of the Maremma Shepherd. Soon after he joined the cast of seventh edition of Big Brother VIP as a competitor, however being disqualified after only one day following a blasphemy that would have been pronounced by him.

Dodi Battaglia in defense of Riccardo Fogli (Instagram) 25.12.2022 pontilenews
Dodi Battaglia in defense of Riccardo Fogli (Instagram)

And precisely with respect to this story, comes the testimony of his lifelong friend, Dodi Battaglia, one of the historical members of the Pooh. On Instagram, Battaglia publishes a photo of Riccardo Fogli and gives his point of view: I have known Riccardo since 1968 and I have never, ever heard him swear. I think there was a misunderstanding. A hug to brother Riccardo. Dodie”.

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