Rocco Tanica against Lazza, the definitive clash between boomer and rapper | Rolling Stone Italy


Rocco Tanica against Lazza, the definitive clash between boomer and rapper |  Rolling Stone Italy
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One of the funniest queues of Love MI was the bickering between Rocco Tanica and Lazza. It was triggered by the former keyboardist of Elio e le Storie Tese, who, towards the end of the musical performances, wrote a stupid tweet on the name of today’s rapper: “#LoveMi is coming to an end and they are shooting 90 pieces: c ‘ it’s Lazza. At this point, the arrival of Porgo, While, Firma, Culto and Fefé is likely ”.

Someone did not appreciate, like the user who wrote that “the cause of this concert was beneficial, even in these circumstances you have to find the rotten. Absurd. Free ticket, what do you have to complain about? “. Rocco Tanica did not lose his proverbial sarcastic spirit and replied: “Yet I guarantee you there were touts. You are young, you do not know certain realities, but I have been in the market since the 1980s and I assure you that the touts of free are the worst “.

Perhaps on the wave of enthusiasm, the keyboardist shot another tweet about the festival that was held in Piazza Duomo in Milan: “I want to be a sound engineer at LoveMI, I think I’m pretty good at playing an mp3 player. The audience of fifteen year olds is very fond of them, convinced that they are at a concert “.

After the live broadcast on Italia 1, the show continued on Twitter. Surprisingly, Lazza’s response came: “Great, thank Elio if you have 10 people who can have a laugh with you below. And anyway you are stronger with the telephone keypad, with the one to play I give you two laps “.

A diss full blown which kicked off various threads. Rocco Tanica replied: “Great !, I’m a great fan of his, now I thank Elio, but explain to me the thing about the two laps he gives me, it’s too young a language”.

Lazza, who is known to play the piano, replied that “it was understood that in front of a piano I make you look bad, more clearly that way? Anyway on the 90 piece you got us “and she posted a video in which Chopin plays:” So maybe it’s even easier to understand “. Response of the keyboard player: “What does it have to do with it, Chopin is good there, not her”. And again: “Okay then, I challenge her to a boogie boogie battle with Baby Gang arbritro” and “The boogie boogie represents my roots, like Cinisello for Gionata” and “For Gionata I mean Sfera, we are friends, for me he is Gionata or Giona, I for him Sergio ”. Lazza’s response: “You beat them all at the Boogie Boomer dance”.

Replica of the keyboard player, accompanied by a video of the Chili rap presented at the 2011 Zecchino d’oro: “Yes! However, don’t be so anaffective with someone who has been following you since 2011 “. Lazza’s rejoinder, after the ironic comment of a user (“Rocco, you are a buuumer, do you want to understand? And calembours are better than ccciopani! And they also play sciopen”): “No more necoglio”. Rocco: “Mr. Lazza be good, otherwise I’ll call Tupac ”.

I don’t pay, Rocco Tanica started to reply to tweets from Lazza a few days ago. The rapper (on June 24): “Sirius is again the best-selling album in Italy ”. Rocco Tanica (yesterday): “It was time”. Lazza (June 26): “We will continue to do the facts while they continue to talk”, Rocco Tanica (yesterday): “Excuse me but if you do the facts people may think that you are addicted, while drugs must be said no without ifs and without but”.

Ironic closing of Rocco Tanica: “Friends of the rep support me, the singer sig. Jacopo disses me, help ”, with tags by J-Ax, Fedez, Gué Pequeno, Clementino, boxer Clemente Russo, Movimento 5 Stelle and Michael Jackson.

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