Rome, Mourinho: ‘Play Matic. Juve? No particular feelings. And on Dybala … ‘


Rome, Mourinho: ‘Play Matic.  Juve?  No particular feelings.  And on Dybala … ‘
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Roma are ready to face the first big match of the season. At the Allianz Stadium, the Giallorossi will face Juventus by Massimiliano Allegri back from the external draw against Sampdoria. Josè Mourinho (photo Ansa) spoke to the press in the usual conference on the eve to present the match.

How does Roma arrive at tomorrow’s match also in light of the injuries? Opinion on the Europa League draw?
“Tomorrow the same team will play except Matic in place of Zaniolo. We arrive with 6 points in two games which is a positive thing. We arrive however with the situation of Zaniolo and Wijnaldum. They change our perspective a bit during the match. that we play against Juventus because in the other two matches no one talked about the opponent. It is a great match against a great team that sure wants to win the Scudetto but it is one of the 38 matches that there are. Playing in Turin or another match is the same. We play against a top team, but if you see the game from the side of difficulty, you think it is difficult. It is difficult but we want to play. The Europa League is a difficult competition where there are teams that have to win it, if they don’t it is a disaster for some team with incredible potential. Those teams have a responsibility to win, we go step by step. Betis have won the cup, they have a top manager, they have a team that plays well. the fifth last year, high-level team. Ludogorets I played there, it’s not an easy game, they are a team that always wins the championship in Bulgaria. I don’t know HJK but the Northern European teams have evolved a lot. It is the first time I am going to play in Finland after 200 benches in Europe. It is unfortunately another plastic field but we know it can happen. We hope to play there soon and not in November ”.

Is it a particular match for you too?
“For me every match is the same. The eve, the routine, absolutely nothing changes. Playing against a strong team gives you great motivation. They went to Turin many times, it is one more. However, there is no connection with the past. . It’s an isolated race “.

Advice for Dybala: It will be a special match for him.
“No none. It depends on the character of the player. I don’t know how Paulo will respond. He has the face of a child but he is not. We talk about how we want to play, what we expect from him, but he is in control of his emotions. From the external point of view, just observing him in the work of these days, I have not seen anything different. I expect a normal match, maybe with a little more emotion before and after ”.

At what level is Dybala? Does Roma have a bad experience at the Stadium, do they have to take care of a particular aspect or is it always just football?
“Every match is an isolated match. This Juve-Roma has nothing to do with the last or the next. It is an isolated event that starts at 6.30 pm and ends at 8.30 pm. From a psychological point of view we have to prepare the team for the better but we always do this. We won’t do it more than the match against Cremonese. We have to play a normal match. Against Cremonese I go to sleep at 4 am, against Juve at 9. I want to convey normality. a strong team, we have grown since we have been together. We have prepared ourselves, we have worked well enough. We know what we want to do. For two days the players have known who plays, there is no great story. Let’s go there and try to win. Dybala he is very well, I did not expect more at the moment. In the last two years he has had injuries and little continuity. He has NOT had the preparation, he arrived late but he is fine. He does not have 90 minutes but he is fine. good disposition, he works for the team, puts his qualities at the service of his teammates. I didn’t expect anything more at this time. “

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