Rome-Zaniolo, today the summit: three hypotheses on the table


Rome-Zaniolo, today the summit: three hypotheses on the table
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Meeting in Milan between Pinto and Vigorelli, the player’s agent: renewal, sale or postponement of the matter to September. And the Giallorossi ds also meets Milan

It is Nicolò Zaniolo’s day. This afternoon, or at the latest tomorrow morning if some sudden commitment should arise (but the parties are convinced not), his agent, Claudio Vigorelli, will meet Tiago Pinto in Milan to take stock of the situation on the boy’s future. Three possible scenarios: a proposal to renew the contract already now (difficult), a clear and clear mandate to sell the player (also difficult), an armistice waiting for the end of the summer and the market.


This seems the most likely scenario. From the series: let’s stay like this and see what happens. Nicolò trains and stays calm with Roma, if an offer of at least 55-60 million comes from an Italian club, because he doesn’t want to go abroad, we sit down and negotiate, otherwise we’ll wait for September and go back to talking about the contract. This is a solution that could suit both Zaniolo (including the entourage) and Roma. There are two considerations to make: no one wants to break up, because the relations between Vigorelli and Pinto are excellent; everyone knows that the Giallorossi company, also for issues related to financial FairPlay, needs to raise cash, but it cannot and does not want to do as it happened in the days of Pallotta when the players were sold in a hurry to put the capital gain on the balance sheet by on June 30.

Mou factor

It is difficult, but not impossible, that today we arrive at two other solutions: renewal or rapid transfer. Roma do not seem willing to offer Zaniolo, for now, the top player contract that the player would like (however, there has been no refusal, simply because there has been no offer so far), and Vigorelli, always as of now, he has no offers to bring to Trigoria that come close to the figures Pinto is asking. Not because Zaniolo is not worth the money, but because in this market still no one can afford such an expense. In all this, from 4 July, the Mourinho aspect must be taken into consideration: the Portuguese coach does not like (euphemism) to have important players in the squad distracted by the contract or the transfer market, as also demonstrated by the Pellegrini affair, when there was no problem with urge Rome and the boy’s agents to sign the renewal. Knowing the precedents (see also Eriksen at Tottenham) it seems difficult to imagine that Mou wants to live until September with the hit Zaniolo. Perhaps this too will be discussed in today’s meeting.

at lunch with Milan

Meanwhile, in Milan, Tiago Pinto is meeting Ricky Massara, former Roma director and now Milan manager, for lunch. The menu? Surely the ransom of Alessandro Florenzi, which will be official shortly for 2.7 million, but who knows if we are also talking about Veretout, which the Rossoneri like, and also of Zaniolo himself, who Massara himself, in 2018, brought to Rome, convincing Monchi to include it in the Nainggolan deal. He wouldn’t mind having it back, but Pinto’s answer will always be the same: for less than 55-60 million Nicolò doesn’t move.


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