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Romina and boyfriend Stefano. Photo: Instagram – newsby

Romina Carrisi’s boyfriend, Stefano Rastelli, was immortalized by his better half intent on dancing behind the scenes of the concert of the in-laws Albano and Romina and the fans loved the video.

Romina and Romina have been together for several months now and it can be said that the chemistry between them is still very strong and evident. Stefano is one of the directors of the afternoon talk show hosted by Serena Bortone Today is another day and is over fifty. Despite the age difference, however, the two could not be more in tune, a fact that certainly will not have escaped either Albano or Romina, who have given both their blessing.

romina carrisi and stefano
Romina and boyfriend Stefano. Photo: Instagram – newsby

Stefano Rastelli unleashed at the Albano concert

Romina Carrisi and Stefano they formalized their union during the party for Romina’s 35th birthday, held in Rome in the presence of the entire Carrisi family. In fact, Albano, Romina Power, Romina Jr.’s sister, Cristel, accompanied by her Croatian husband Davor Luksic, and Jasmine Carrisi were present. Serena Bortone was also present at the party, friendship of both. In fact, it was her program, Today is another day, that introduced the two.

During the party there were many occasions in which Stefano and his mother-in-law Albano were photographed together and, from what could be deduced from the shots, the two seem to get along in love. Perhaps Albano particularly appreciates Rastelli because of his age (being a mature man he can in fact take care of his daughter Romina, who is almost twenty years younger) and her calm and sunny character.

stefano rastelli albano concert
Stefano goes wild at the concert. Photo: Instagram – newsby

Romina and Stefano always accomplices

Furthermore, Rastelli, as can be seen from the video recently published in Romina Jr.’s Instagram stories, is also a big fan of his father-in-law’s music. Seeing him dance (apparently on his birthday, since Romina wrote accompanying the photo “Greetings love”) to the rhythm of one of the great successes of Albano and Romina must have been very emotional for Romina Jr. The couple, contrary to what some might think, has always been reluctant to show themselves in public intimate attitudes.

stefano romina carrisi
Stefano and Romina. Photo: Instagram – newsby

On the other hand, the young daughter of Albano and Romina Power must be fed up with the continuous morbid interest in her life by the national media, which for a long time followed her throughout her life. Today, however, the woman is determined to live away from the paparazzieven if he does not give up attending, from time to time, some of the most important talk shows in the country including Verissimo and Domenica In.

Stefano’s presence seems to have given new life to Romina, who seems to have finally found a man capable of standing by her side and supporting her at every stage of her life. Furthermore, the fact that his parents like Rastelli is not a minor detail. Fans are already thinking about a possible marriage between the two, but it’s definitely too early to make any predictions. On the other hand, the two have only been dating for a short time and Romina Jr. seems willing to go there with lead feet so as not to make dramatic errors of assessment. We’ll see what happens in the future!

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