“Romolus II: the war for Rome”, the presentation of the Sky Original TV series at the Rome Film Fest


There Rome Film Festivalnow in its seventeenth edition, premiered on the second day of Friday 14 October Romolus II: the war for Rome. The second season of the tv series Sky Originalproduced by Sky Studios, Cattleya And Greenland in collaboration with ITV Studios, which bears the signature of Matteo Rovere. The public viewing of the platform will be available starting Friday 21 October on Sky Atlantic and streaming only on NOW.

The second chapter of the license plate series Sky Original and dedicated to birth of Rome will be divided into 8 episodes. Furthermore, as in the first season and in the previous film by director Rovere The first king also Romolus II: the war for Rome it is entirely turned in protolatin. In the new episodes we will find the brothers again Yemos And Wiros that after having founded and consecrated their city, Rumiathey will have to protect it from the attention of a very powerful enemy: Titos Tatios, the king of the Sabines. The two brothers will soon become a symbol of welcome and freedom and between battles and new conflicts they will be forced to face the prophecy that announced: “The false king will find death. The true king, on the other hand, will live “.

Synopsis Romolus II: the war for Rome

Yemos, Wiros, Iliathe group of Ruminales and the citizens of Alba loyal to them have taken possession of the Earth it once was Velia. Here they build a new kingdom free ed independent called Rumia. For this reason Tito Tazioyoung and feared king of the SabinesFeeling threatened by their growing power, he organizes a meeting with the two kings to celebrate a rite intended for an alliance. This visit, however, will prove to be aambush time to submission. The Roman peoplehowever, will succeed in run away from the ambush thanks to an idea of ​​Ilia that takes in hostage the Sabine priestessesvery dear to King Titus.

This is a gesture that will soon lead to a clash. When the Sabines invade Lazio to free the priestesses the possibility of aimpending war and the different perspectives of the two brothers on how to deal with the question raises i first contrasts putting a risk theirs partnership. This will be the sign of an imminent crisis which will lead to the answer to the central question of the entire season: who will claim the title of sole king? Who will take the name of Romolus?

The director explains the reason for the choice of the protolatin

During the Press conference from Romolus II: the war for Rome which was held following the preview screening at the Rome Film Festival the movie director clarifies the reason of a particular choice made within the TV series that has very intrigued. We are talking aboutuse of the protolatin. Regarding this decision Matteo Rovere declares: “my objective was to accomplish a totally immersive product. That would also give a little bit of the experience that is lived in the dining room. An experience that takes us away from the sofa at home and that takes us to those cold swamps that I am made of imagesbut also from sounds. The voice is one of these sounds “. Obviously the success of this risky experiment, as the director says, was also facilitated by the contribution of the great talent of the actors.

Matteo Rovere – Director Romolus II: the war for Rome and Emanuele Maria Di Stefano (Tito Tazio)

New entry in the cast of the TV series Sky Original directed by Matteo Rovere

To the protagonists of the first season Andrea Arcangeli (Yemos), Marianna Fontana (Ilia) and Francesco Di Napoli (Wiros) are added new ones. The new entries are Valentina Bellè in the role of Ersilia, head of the Sabine priestesses; Emanuele Maria Di Stefano who plays the king of the Sabines Tito Tazio; Max Malatesta he is Sabos, adviser and right hand of the king of the Sabines; Ludovica Nasti who plays the role of Vibia, the youngest of the Sabine priestesses; while Giancarlo Commare is Atys, the young king of Satricum. Sergio Romano (Amulius), Demetra Avincola (Deftri) and Vanessa Scalera (Silvia) also return.

Emanuele Maria Di Stefano in Tito Tazio

Below is the trailer of the tv series Sky Orginal Romolus II: the war for Rome.

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