Ronaldo’s new allegations against Manchester United (and what can happen now)


Ronaldo’s new allegations against Manchester United (and what can happen now)
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The Portuguese and the interview with Piers Morgan who caused the break with United. New advances: CR7 attacks former teammates Rooney and Neville, takes it out on the Glazers, is treated with icy detachment by Bruno Fernandes

Cristiano Ronaldo more and more alone. He closed with Manchester United after the sensational interview in which he shot zero on the club, managers, coach. The teammates, the only ones excluded from CR7’s fatal wrath, also turned their backs on him. In the literal sense of the word, as seen in the video filmed in the Portugal locker room, with Bruno Fernandes (United captain) who almost refuses to shake his hand, looks at him lopsided, barely speaks to him.

The dialogue between Ronaldo and the journalist Piers Morgan, a TV star with 8 million followers on Twitter, it was like a media counter-offensive by a multinational grappling with the public defense of its global brand. An interview that had a huge worldwide impact and took him off guard United, the club that betrayed me, which is now thinking of a legal action against its star aiming at the termination of the pharaonic contract, due in June. Ten Hag, the coach Cristiano has no respect for, told club officials he didn’t want to see him again. Certainly, therefore, Ronaldo will not return to Manchester in January. Where can it end up? There are those who hypothesize a return to Italy, to Rome of his friend Mou, but on pole there is Sporting Lisbon, his home, perhaps the right place not to overshadow him during this long last dance.

Meanwhile, excerpts from the CR7 interview (lasting an hour and a half) continue to arrive, which will be broadcast in England in two parts between Wednesday and Thursday. One of the most debated topics concerns the pre-season, when Cristiano deserted the tour in Thailand and Australia and a large part of the training camp in Carrington. He and Georgina lost one of the twins they were waiting for in April. At three months, in July, the little girl
Bella Esmeralda had bad bronchitis, which forced her to be hospitalized for a week. Ronaldo says: I spoke to the sports director and the Manchester United president when my daughter was ill. It was as if they did not believe my words, and this made me feel bad – he explains in a new anticipation of the dialogue with Piers Morgan -. They listened to me, but it was clear that they doubted my words, that my daughter had big problems, that Georgina was bad for her. why I didn’t leave for the tour: as a father and as a husband I couldn’t leave my family at that time. Not for the preseason.

Cristiano lashed out at the United ten manager Hag, I have no respect for him because he did not show respect for me. And if he doesn’t show me respect, you’ll never get mine. Words that have put a tombstone on the relationship between the two. Ronaldo knows he is no longer the player he was, he reveals in the interview, but he certainly did not expect to be relegated to the bench almost always. He says he still wants to break records, to have a better understanding of the game than he did when he was a boy. He also returns to the mid-October match with Tottenham, when he refused to enter the field and left the bench before the 90 ‘: CR7 tells Morgan that he apologized to the whole team for that gesture.

This is how two of his former companions end up in the sights of the Portuguese, Gary Neville And Wayne Rooneytoday commentators on TV and in the newspapers, often floggers of Ronaldo 2.0, more ballast than a resource (The behavior he is holding is unacceptable, the former English striker recently ruled): Wayne I don’t understand why he criticizes me. Maybe jealous because I’m still playing at a high level and he quit at 30 – the burst of CR7 -. Do not say that I am more beautiful than him, which is true. Then it’s Neville’s turn: hard to hear all that criticism from people that he played with you. Like Gary. People may have their own opinion, but they don’t know what’s going on in training or in my life. They should also listen to my point of view. easy to criticize, I don’t know if they have to criticize for their work on TV to be more famous. It’s still: I think they take advantage of my name, because they are not stupid. I am the most followed person on the planet, not a coincidence. I know I have to accept criticism and praise, but it’s not nice to hear such heavy criticism from people who have been in a locker room with you. a little disappointing. Rooney in particular. Six months ago, a year at the latest, he came to my house to pick up his children and invited mine to go and play football at his house. People like him just don’t understand them. Maybe they want to be on the cover of a newspaper, or they hope to get a new job. Both he and Neville are not my friends. They were colleagues, we played together, but I certainly won’t go to dinner with them.

Finally, as anticipated by the Sun, a direct attack on the Glazer familyowner of United: They don’t care about the team. At least not in the sporting part. Manchester United is a club that earns them money thanks to marketing, but they don’t care about the sporting side and give all the power to president and sporting director. I haven’t talked to them since I got back. According to Cristiano at United as if time had stopped. At the technological level, in terms of structures, nothing has changed. Not even the gym or the jacuzzi, not even the cooks. I found the same things as when I was 22-23. Everything stopped. Fans are right to criticize the property, says the Portuguese: They should know the truth, know that the players want the best for Manchester United, that I want the best for Manchester United and that’s why I’m back, because I love this club. . But the fans should also know that there are situations within the club that prevent them from reaching the highest level, where they are City, Liverpool and now Arsenal as well. hard, it will be hard for United to be at the top in the next 2-3 years.

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