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Rosita Celentano, eldest daughter of the legendary sprung Adriano and the beautiful former actress Claudia Mori, thrills the fans by sharing a shot that immortalizes her with her two brothers Giacomo and Rosalinda.

It is among the three, the best known on the small screen, Rosita Celentano, although she debuted as an actress in Yuppi du in 1985, the famous film in which his parents are the protagonists, playing a small part. Other roles in other films follow such as Mak π 100, directed by Antonio Bido. Instead, he arrives on television as a guest at Fantastic 8 in 1987the edition presented by his father, before diving into the world of music with the 45 rpm From your gaze onwards. Her piece did not receive the hoped-for success, but Rosita the following year, in 1989, will tread the stage of the Ariston, but to co-lead the Sanremo Festival together with other children of art like her Danny Quinn, Gianmarco Tognazzi and Paola Dominguin.

The nineties mark the turning point of his career, because he is confirmed as a TV presenter taking the helm of some programshow Sunday in the villageon Rete 4, together with Davide Mengacci. In 2000 he also appears in an episode of Beautiful set in Venice. Rosita was also present on the pages of gossip newspapers for the love story of her, now passed, with Jovanotti.

Two sisters united

Rosita Celentano is very attached to her brothers. For Rosalinda, the smallest of the house today 54 years old, which we have two years ago admired at Dancing with the Starsfor example, has shown a sense of protection being the latter more introverted than herand in some cases perhaps even more fragile.

Three years younger than Rosita, who arrived later Giacomo, Rosalinda is in fact very different from the eldest daughter of the Celentano family. Born under the sign of cancer has a strong artistic nature more inclined to painting, music and cinema rather than television. Winner of the Golden globe for “Paz” the actress also appeared in the famous and evocative film by Mel Gibson“The Passion of Christ”, set in Basilicata, with a very particular part: “I chose it because it is beautiful, and the devil certainly does not come to us as Satan. ” He declared, speaking of her, the famous American director and actor. Rosalinda in the past suffered from depression, finding great support in her older sister Rosita.

The brother Giacomo

Second child of the famous Italian singer-songwriter it is certainly the farthest from the spotlightsor Giacomo Celentano. The 56-year-old followed in a certain sense in his father’s footsteps but on a different side, the religious one. He is indeed a singer-songwriter of pop-religious musicas it is strongly linked to the Christian faith.

Giacomo got married to Katia since 2002, after 5 years of engagement, lived as he himself confessed in total chastity. From their union in 2004 a son was born, Samuelmaking grandparents like this for the first time Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori. Even Giacomo, who as a boy had also wanted to become a friar in order to later understandand that wasn’t exactly his callinglike his sister Rosalinda, had a very difficult and dark period due to severe anxiety who had thrown him into depression, but which he overcame thanks to the faith and closeness of his wife.

The photo of Rosita Celentano with her brothers

Rosalinda, Giacomo and Rosita Celentano are three brothers united, each with their own talent and sensitivity. It’s hard to see them all together in adulthood, but long ago Rosita surprised fans with one unexpected snap.

Being among the three, the most social, the presenter in fact has an Instagram profile very activefollowed by over 92 thousand followersrecently decided to share a photo of her with her brothers. “Brotherly love… and eternal! I love you dear brother and sister “.

It is the caption that accompanies the shot and that in a very short time received a myriad of little hearts. Many messages arrived at the margin .: “Brotherly love you are beautiful beautiful fantastic fascinating wonderful you are the children of Adriano Celentano super number 1 always the only myth that has always existed ex you will always remain in the history of national and international music.” Wrote a user. Or: “TO how nice to see you together !! I was moved a little looking at you. You are a marvel !! you are splendid. … You are love “ Instead, another user writes. Also arrives the message of one of the protagonists of the shot, Giacomo: “I love you!”

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