Salernitana, Iervolino on the attack: “Sabatini is a liar”


Salernitana, Iervolino on the attack: “Sabatini is a liar”
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The grenade president lashes out against the former sporting director: “He from Champions? He can’t even send an email …”. Sabatini’s reply lasts: “I’ll take you to court”

Despite the miraculous salvation of the Salerno reached on the last day, Danilo Iervolino and Walter Sabatini they have not left each other well at all and, in the press, the rags continue to fly: “A Caravaggio canvas has been smeared”, declared the former granata director to the Corriere della Sera without hiding some regret for the end of the experience with the Campania club. Interview to which President Iervolino soon wanted to respond using very strong tones: “Misunderstanding? Sabatini thinks he takes everyone for stupid, but there is only one misunderstanding: he thinks he is the most intelligent, but he was a liar”he thundered into the microphones of de The Gazzetta dello Sport.

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“I had decided not to speak, the dirty clothes are washed in the family. Then, however, I read Sabatini’s words and I feel obliged to answer – explained the president of Grenada – He wanted to pay this commission: we argued because I don’t accept these We wanted to raise the salary of Coulibaly of 200 thousand euros, but we would have had to pay a million to the agent, a commitment that Sabatini had made. I will never bow to this system: if a player gets a good offer he is free to go. He told me, instead, that he has lived with certain logics for some time and that given my position on the matter, he believed he was not the right man for Salerno “.

Iervolino then continues the attack, taking up other passages from the interview: “I read that you hear from the Champions League, we will see where it goes: he can’t even operate a computer or send an email. Humanly I am sorry for how it ended: I would not have let him go, but things have happened that I consider serious. I want another kind of football. “

Finally, a joke also on the attempt to put under contract Cavanian operation opposed by Sabatini: “On that occasion he bordered on ridicule: if I want a player I buy him. He could not reject my purchase: it is Iervolino’s Salernitana, not Sabatini. He proposed, I decided”.

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“The problem of commissions is not my problem, it’s a football problem, but on this I fully agree with Iervolino. Even today I regret not having concluded with poor Raiola precisely because of a dispute over a commission of four million to bring a very young Paul Pogba to Rome “. This was stated by the former director of Salernitana, Walter Sabatini, a Radio Anch’io Sport on Rai Radio1responding to an attack by the president of Salernitana, Antonio Iervolino, in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport. “I am a liar? He didn’t say this – he replied to Iervolino’s words – when he asked me almost crying to save Salerno. Then I’ve been in football for 30 years, he for 30 days. The problem of the commissions is there, and I confirm that the node was a commission for the agent of Lassana Coulibaly, but if he called me a liar, he’ll go to court with me no one in 30 years has ever dared to do so. I think it’s a fall in style, even if there is very little style there “.

“All this pains me very much – adds Sabatini speaking of his farewell to the Campania club – after six months of great stress and having obtained a historic result with the salvation. I still feel the director of Salernitana, tomorrow I will take a flight to go abroad where I will probably accept an offer, it is a very prestigious club, I have to talk to the president and let’s see if the conditions are right. There is a veil of sadness on the first salvation of Salerno, I think the people of Salerno are also sad: there was something to celebrate instead they had the funeral, my funeral, but I am immortal “.

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