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The Ministry of Health recalled a much loved food for salmonella alert and microbiological risk. It is always at the table: it is good not to consume it.

Salmonella risk –

The salmonella alert continues, which the Ministry of Health has been spreading for some time with official press releases and with the consequent withdrawal of the product from Italian tables. As reported The food fact last year the number of food warnings increased by about 20%.

The cases of ecstasy in champagne, the cases of salmonella in the Ferrero plant, the contamination of the Buitoni pizza in France, the case of the Ravenna child intoxicated by the Kinder egg and many other cases of salmonella and contamination that have affected our country and the other states of Europe.

Food scandals should make health authorities reflect on the level of surveillance in the food sector. The Ministry of Health published the recall for microbiological risk for a much loved food product. What food is it about? A sausage was withdrawn because several people who consumed it experienced the typical symptoms of salmonella.

Food alert for salmonella risk

Salmonella is a genus of bacteria responsible for one of the gastrointestinal infections most common: the salmonellosis. The risk of contracting this infection is associated with the ingestion of contaminated food during handling. Foods of poultry origin, pork, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, milk, eggs, creams, confectionery, ice cream, fruit and vegetables are the cause of salmonellosis.

salmonella alert
salmonella alert withdrawn food –

THE salmonella symptoms are: diarrhea, fever, nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting. They occur 12-36 hours after ingesting food contaminated by the bacterium.

Food contamination can occur at the time of production and preparation and after cooking, due to the use of unhygienic utensils or because they are contaminated by dirty hands.

It is enough for a person with a small hand injury to inadvertently touch the feces of a pet carrying salmonellosis.

How long does salmonellosis last? The infection clears up within 4-7 days. The subjects most at risk are infants, the elderly and immunosuppressed who may need hospitalization.

Food alert: this food we like so much has been withdrawn

The Ministry of Health has announced the withdrawal of a food that we like so much: we are talking about the product “Salami Pic Nic” of the Fumagalli Industria Alimentari SpA brand.

The manufacturer is Fumagalli Industria Alimentari SpA, with headquarters in the factory in via Briantea 18 in Tavernerio (Como). The production batch is 229137the manufacturer’s identification mark CE IT 92L. The Ministry of Health recalled the Pic Nic salami for microbiological risk, presence of salmonella.

salmonella alert
salmonella alert withdrawn food –

People who have consumed this food product have blamed these symptoms: nausea, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and other typical symptoms of salmonellosis.

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