Sassuolo-Roma direct 1-1: Pinamonti responds to Abraham


Sassuolo-Roma direct 1-1: Pinamonti responds to Abraham
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96 ‘- End the game

It ends here, Sassuolo and Roma draw 1-1 with goals from Abraham and Pinamonti.


84 ‘- Sassuolo draw

The Giallorossi advantage lasts a few minutes. Crossed from the left, Pinamonti anticipates the defender and with the tip beats Rui Patricio.


79 ‘- Roma advantage with Abraham

Long last Tammy Abraham. The English center forward find the net of the Giallorossi advantage with the cross in the center of Mancini and his great header that beats Consiglio.


76 & # 39; – Traore opportunity, Rui Patricio saves

Sassuolo one step away from the advantagedecisive once again Rui Patricio. Traore in front of the door he kicks but finds the Portuguese goalkeeper’s save.


74 & # 39; -Bove enters and tries the shot

Attempt of the young man Bove, entered in the place of the other young man, Volpato. Cross from the right by Zaniolo, the midfielder tried the header with a twist but the ball ended up high.


65 & # 39; – Rome and Sassuolo substitutions

Enter Karsdorp, El Shaarawy and Abraham, outside Celik, Zakewski and Shomurodov. For Sassuolo out of Harroui and D’Andrea for Thorstvedt and Traore.


60 ‘- Match blocked

The two teams do not find spaces. Second portion of the game blocked, slow and with few offensive ideas.


45 ‘- The second half begins

The game resumesno change between the two teams took the field in the first portion of the game.


45 ‘- The first half ends

The first part of the game ends: Sassuolo and Rome they return to the locker room without finding goals despite the many opportunities on each side.


43 ‘- Zalewski shoots high

Opportunity for Rome, indeed, occasionissima. Cross from Celik’s right, Zalewski only in the area he tries the volley but the ball ends sensationally tall a few meters from the door of Consiglio.


35 & # 39; – Sassuolo response, a breath away from the goal

After four minutes the Sassuolo’s answerone step away from the advantage. Laurentié from the edge of the penalty area he let go the right that ended up out of a breath.


31 ‘- Shomurodov sensational opportunity

Shomurodov is still wrong. The Uzbek after the counterattack with Zaniolo is in the penalty area, face to face with the goalkeeper. The right of him, however, ends up on him Advice who manages without problems to reject the ball. Roma wastes a big chance for the advantage.


25 ‘- Zaniolo booked for protests

First admonition of the match for Nicolò Zaniolo. The Giallorossi talent fell to the ground after a clash with Ayhan, Ayroldi continues. Zaniolo gets up and goes against the referee to protest and is cautioned.


16 ‘- Miracle Rui Patricio on Frattesi

Very occasional for Sassuolo. Frattesi from the edge of the penalty area he lets out a powerful right, Rui Patricio manages to touch the ball which ends an inch high above the crossbar.


13 ‘- Shomurodov, a wasted opportunity

Pretty restart of Rome with Volpato serving in Shomurodov rush. The Uzbek enters the penalty area but the ball that comes out on the bottom stretches too much.


12 & # 39; – Rome does not find spaces

Long giropalla of Rome, but with no way out. Mourinho asks for the high center of gravity, but the pressing del Sassuolo is effective.


7 ‘- Mourinho talks with Zaniolo

The technician asked Zaniolo from Not getting down too much to catch the ball: “Stay high, they must serve you”Mou told the striker.


3 ‘- Pushes Sassuolo, first shot on goal

Dionisi’s team attacking and pressing on Roma. The first shot on goal arrives, almost a wrong cross, of Laurentiè blocked by Rui Patricio.


0 ‘- The match begins

Off to the match between Sassuolo And Rome. Kick-off at Roma, today in a white shirt and white shorts.


Tiago Pinto: “Let’s show we’re pissed off”

The words of the Giallorossi general manager a few minutes from Sassuolo-Roma READ EVERYTHING


Abraham greets the fans

On the bench in Sassuolo-Roma, Tammy Abraham however, he did not lose his smile and before the warm-up the center forward went to some Roma fans to greet them.


Sassuolo, the official line-up

Sassuolo (4-3-3): Advice; Toljan, Ayhan, Ferrari, Kyriakopulos; Frattesi, Lopez, Harroui; D’Andrea, Pinamonti, Laurentié.


Rome, the official formation: Shomurodov plays

Rome (3-4-1-2): Rui Patricio; Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez; Celik, Cristante, Matic, Zalewski; Volpato; Zaniolo, Shomurodov


Sassuolo, surprise Berardi

Surprise of Dionysus for the match against Roma: the coach has in fact called up Domenico Berardi for the challenge that will start in an hour.


Sassuolo-Rome, the probable formations

SASSUOLO (4-3-3): Advice; Toljan, Erlic, G. Ferrari, Kyriakopoulos; Frattesi, Maxime Lopez, Thorstvedt; Laurentié, Pinamonti, Traore
All: Dionysus
Available: Pegolo, Russo, Marchizza, Ayhan, Rogerio, Tressoldi, Henrique, Harroui, Obiang, Alvarez, Ceide, Antiste, D’Andrea.

ROME (3-4-1-2): Rui Patricio; Mancini, Smalling, Ibanez; Celik, Camara, Matic, El Shaarawy; Volpato; Zaniolo, Belotti
All: Mourinho
Available: Svilar, Boer, Kumbulla, Viña, Tripi, Karsdorp, Zalewski, Bove, Tahirovic, Cristante, Shomudorov, Abraham.

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