“Scudetto fight? Mertens and Koulibaly prove it”: the FIFA agent attacks De Laurentiis!


“Scudetto fight? Mertens and Koulibaly prove it”: the FIFA agent attacks De Laurentiis!
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A “1 Football Club”, broadcast on 1 Station Radiointervened Sabatino Durante, FIFA agent. Here is what is highlighted:

De Laurentiis said he was aiming for the Scudetto, Spalletti he seemed surprised: words of convenience or will he work in that direction?
“Sometimes statements are made from the moment. The fact that it seems it will not renew Mertens and play to the downside with Koulibaly testifies that the sentence on the Scudetto is a boutade, I do not think there is this desire to think about victory. Among other things, the Scudetto is not planned: if it were that simple all the top-level teams would do it. The Scudetto comes along the way, combining a series of factors, as did Milan this season which, despite not being the strongest team, with time and commitment, match after match, deserved the victory on the pitch “.

PHOTO: Getty – Koulibaly Naples

Koulibalytherefore, he is a market man: who would you suggest to replace him, respecting the economic parameters of Adl?
“The parameters of Adl they are simple: it sells very expensive and buys at a low price or with unrealistic figures, as in the case of Osimhen. There are various players around the world who fall within these parameters. Years ago I proposed to various European sports directors Militaowhich in the expiration of the contract was taken with two million dollars: Napoli took ManolasInter Skriniar, now we all know who the new defender of the Champions League is. I have some names to propose to Napoli too, I’ll do it, then the club will need to have courage. It is always said that in Italy the problem is the lack of money, but this is not the case, ideas are lacking: Inter took Lukaku for 85 million euros, and at the time, with that money, they were taken Rodrygo And Vinicius Junior, but they did not have the courage to take risks with two kids, unlike Real Madrid who had faith in the two and now find themselves with a fortune five times higher than the purchase price. In Italy we never learn and we often go to reheated soups: again Lukaku with a view to Inter and Pogba with a view to Juve. To make you understand the level: I proposed Luis Diaz in May 2019, before the Copa America, but Inter preferred to focus on Sanchez. I took it to the Port for 8 million dollars, last January he wanted it Klopp to Liverpool for 57 million pounds. I repeat: ideas are lacking, not money. With the 85 million invested on Lukaku, what have Inter won apart from the Scudetto? Indeed, in the Europa League he did damage, in the Champions League they did nothing. Winning the Italian championship brings about 25 million euros, while the much-maligned Conference League has already earned Roma 28 million euros and brought the fans closer to the team. To raise the bar, those players who make the difference in Serie A and on the bench abroad are not enough. Our managers must sprinkle their heads with ashes and take inspiration from the work of others “.

Ancelotti won the Champions League also thanks to Viniciuswho took a while to settle in Madrid: is this a warning to those who do not give young people the necessary time?
Charles he won by suffering and limiting damage, because playing openly against Liverpool or Manchester City would have led to the debacle. The goal of Vinicius it has been studied in training countless times, I have seen it with my own eyes. In the final the Reds played better, but in football the one who throws it in wins: Real has succeeded. I’m glad for Charles, if he deserved it, enough with this fable of ‘beautiful football’. Success can be achieved through many paths, not necessarily with the ‘jogo bonito’ “.

Ancelotti Real Madrid Champions League
PHOTO: Getty – Ancelotti Real Madrid

More and more clubs end up in the hands of funds: presidents like Adl And Lotito are they destined to disappear?
“I believe that family managements are destined to disappear, they will continue until these entrepreneurs earn, but the road is marked, it is only a matter of time”.
Another debacle of the national team against Argentina: what needs to be done to relaunch our football?
“We should reset everything both at club and federation level. Bringing it back to the levels of the past today is difficult. In Serie A there are too many overrated players, who when they go abroad we discover that they are nothing special. We need to focus on our players. The various The Apple, Shepherd, what have they won abroad? A manager is good if he takes on credible players on an international level “.

Of Maria And Lautaro in goals against Italy, as well Dybala: can the former reach Juve? And can the second leave Inter?
Of Maria he can reach Juve and do well. The level is not very high and he is serious, strong and with a great desire to work. Lautaro I don’t think he can leave Inter, at least this year. Obviously, except for unavoidable offers. For him it would be important to have another year with the Nerazzurri ”.

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