Selvaggia Lucarelli reveals the messages received from Vanessa Incontrada and attacks: “Don’t allow yourself”


Selvaggia Lucarelli reveals the messages received from Vanessa Incontrada and attacks: “Don’t allow yourself”
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After the controversy with Valeria Marini, Wild Lucarelli part to the attack of another television face, Vanessa Incontrada. Nothing to do with politics, but only a good thrust by the journalist against the actress who gave them sent messages which she didn’t particularly like.

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Selvaggia Lucarelli reveals the messages received from Vanessa Incontrada

Vanessa Incontrada has often been attacked on social media but also by some magazines due to its physical shape. Full-blown Bodyshamig to which the actress always responded with class and a wonderful smile, gathering the applause of the public and many VIPs who saw in her a “champion” of the acceptance of her own body.

Even Lucarelli has always expressed herself in favor of the actress, until last August when Incontrada appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair. Dry the comment of the judge of Dancing with the stars «You’re fat, no you’re thin, “look at me naked, I’m fine like this”, no it’s not fine, that cover is bodyshaming, no it’s just a photo of her in costume, and then I go on TV and eat a mozzarella like this see that I don’t care, let’s tell her it’s beautiful, ok for the cover where you tell me beautiful, let’s not talk about the body of the Incontrada anymore but I recommend we talk about the body of Vanessa Incontrada pretending to talk about something else. I can say? This story broke the fuck“. Finished here? No way.

According to what was stated by Wild Lucarelli in his stories Instragram Vanessa Incontrada would have contacted her via messages asking her not to talk about her anymore. Open up heaven. Selvaggia decided to answer her in kind, however, using her Instagram stories: “Since after years of defending her, even in some of my books (I don’t know her), I recently allowed myself to write that Vanessa Incontrada, perhaps, should stop responding to comments on her body by placing herself on covers that focus on her. body … Because it is still feeding a wrong and perverse system … I happen to receive a message of his confused explanations (the contents of which I rightly keep to myself), which ends (I say this instead) with a “I would like not to be named in the your posts ““.

Request rejected to the sender with Lucarelli who continues: “Now, beyond the fact that I have not quite understood if at least I can name it in the articles, I clarify that journalists are not good megaphones only when they have to smooth you in the interview for yet another victim cover. So, kind Vanessa Incontrada, do not allow yourself to ask a journalist not to name you, except in the tones you like. That’s not how it works, after years of a bright career you should know. Just as you should know that on the back cover to say “don’t talk about my body”, talking about your body, it can happen that someone who maybe you were also nice tells you that you are marching“.

“Sno hard feelings – closes Lucarelli ironically – however, eh, maybe, think about it“.


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