Serena Rossi: “I’ve been far from my son”. The reasons behind the choice


Serena Rossi: “I’ve been far from my son”.  The reasons behind the choice
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Success and fame involve great sacrifices. He knows it well Serena Rossifresh from filming the second season of Mina September for which she had to be separated from her son for 135 days. The Neapolitan actress wanted to tell it in a long interview with Corriere della Serato whom he also revealed how their relationship has changed (for the better), together with that of the child with his father Davide Devenuto.

Serena Rossi, because she had to part with Diego

He couldn’t give up. Serena Rossi therefore packed up and moved to Naples to shoot the new episodes of Mina September, the beloved series of Rai1 and ready to occupy the autumn schedules. A difficult choice, his, for which he had to parting with the family for a very long time. Now that she is back home, however, she has every intention of enjoying the lost moments and spending every moment with her son Diego.

“Diego and his father remained in Rome and have wonderfully carried out school and everyday life, they are very close-knit. Diego remained calm, it was more difficult for me to go up and down on the weekend, but not only that. On the set, they told me: today we finish at 17, tomorrow attacks at 11. And me: then I’m going to dinner in Rome. I was traveling home, destroyed, I thought: I will not have the strength to do anything. Then, I would open the door and scream: I’m back, hurray! ”.

And he continues: “The energy comes to you in a somewhat supernatural way. The important thing about staying away a lot is that we taught Diego to bring out the emotions without feeling ridiculed. This leads him to be calm even in communicating his sadness. He has had moments when he said: I’m sorry you’re leaving, I’m really sad ”.

The separation was certainly not painless. The Neapolitan actress has indeed had to explain the reasons who pushed her to make this choice, but finding comfort precisely from the child, who understood perfectly the reason why his mother had to be absent for so many months: “I feel sadness and I try not to make it weigh. I told him: she will be away for many months, I will be sad because we will not be together, but I will have fun because I do a wonderful job. I asked him: how do you feel? And he: mom this is a very nice thing for you“.

Serena Rossi, the wedding with Davide Devenuto

Nothing would have been possible without the contribution of Davide Devenuto, who rightly is took charge of the family becoming the main point of reference for little Diego: “I found him very grown up, very ironic. Davide helped him develop the social part of him: he took him to the park every afternoon, organized snacks, made sure that he stayed with his peers as much “.

She tends not to talk too much about the love for her partner, preferring to maintain that sphere of confidentiality that has always characterized her. A few words about their missed marriage, however, she really felt like saying it: “We are very calm, with a consolidated structure and with no upcoming projects, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love each other anymore. It all started because, once, on TV, they asked us a question about marriage and, from there, it got bigger, but if it will be, we are discreetwe would never do it in a publicized way “.

In all these years, over 14, a perfect balance has been established that does not (yet) foresee major upheavals. Marriage is not planned, as is not a second child: “I cannot decide when and if another child will arrive, these are things that must also arrive in a somewhat magical way”.


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