Serie A: Udinese overturns Sassuolo and flies, first point for Monza in Lecce and Bologna comeback over Fiorentina


Serie A: Udinese overturns Sassuolo and flies, first point for Monza in Lecce and Bologna comeback over Fiorentina
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The Friulians take advantage of the extra man in the 3-1 to the neroverdi, ends 1-1 at the Via del Mare, Barrow and Arnautovic extend the Viola

Waiting for Thiago Motta, on the sixth matchday of Serie A the Bologna comeback 2-1 la Fiorentina with Barrow and Arnautovic reversing the advantage of Martinez Quarta. Victory in comeback also forUdinese which moves to the Champions area thanks to the 3-1 al Sassuolo with decisive goals in the recovery, exploited to the best the numerical superiority of the Friulians. Then comes the first point in the league for the Monza1-1 in Lecce: Gonzalez responds to Sensi.

First victory in the league for Bologna while Fiorentina’s negative moment continues, unable to win in five games. After Mihajlovic’s exoneration and with the next coach Thiago Motta present in the stands at the Dall’Ara, it is the Florentine Luca Vigiani who today leads Bologna against his city team. First half stingy with emotions, the most tempting opportunity is on Arnautovic’s feet but the attacker is unable to skip Terracciano when he is face to face with the Viola goalkeeper. In the second half, a sparkling start with the advantage of Martinez Quarta who is immediately overturned by Barrow and Arnautovic: the first leads the viola forward after a good action by Saponara in the 54th minute, the second equalizes in speed on restart after five minutes. Three more and the Austrian bomber signs the sixth goal in the league completing a lightning comeback, the purple protests for alleged foul on Quarta are useless. In the final, the assault of the Tuscans is unsuccessful, on the contrary, there are ten of them left for the double yellow to Igor in the recovery.


Bologna (3-4-1-2): Skorupski 6, Posch 5.5, Medel 6.5 (34 ‘st Bonifazi sv), Lucumì 6, Kasius 6.5 (34’ st De Silvestri sv), Aebischer 6.5, Schouten 6, Cambiaso 5.5 ( 16 ‘st Lykogiannis 6), Soriano 6.5, Barrow 7, Arnautovic 7.5 (25’ st Orsolini sv). Available: Bardi, Bagnolini, Sosa, Moro, Orsolini, Zirkzee, Ferguson, Vignato. Annex Vigiani 6.5
Fiorentina (4-3-3): Terracciano 5,5, Dodo 6 (46 ‘pt Venuti 5,5), Martinez Quarta 6,5, Igor 5, Biraghi 5, Bonaventura 6, Amrabat 6 (40’ st Mandragora sv), Barak 5,5 (25 ‘ st Ikonè 5,5), Kouamé 5 (40 ‘st Cabral sv), Jovic 5, Sottil 5 (1’ st Saponara 6). Available: Cerofolini, Gollini, Cabral, Ikoné, Maleh, Terzic, Ranieri, Mandragora, Bianco, Kvrastev. Italian Annex 5
Referee: Orsato
Markers: st 9 ‘Martinez Quarta (F), st 14’ Barrow (B), st 17 ‘Arnautovic (B)
Note: ammonites Kouamè, Amrabat, Lykogiannis; Igor expelled

Marko Arnautovic became the second foreign player of Bologna to score six goals after six seasonal matches played by the Bolognese in Serie A after Harald Nielsen (seven goals after six matches played by the rossoblù in Serie A 1962/63).
In the last three seasons, Musa Barrow has always found his first goal of the season in Serie A during the sixth day of the championship (today against Fiorentina, double v Cagliari in 2020/21 and goals v Empoli in 2021/22).
Bologna beat Fiorentina in a Serie A match for the first time since February 2013 (again a 2-1 victory over the Viola with Stefano Pioli on the bench).
Fiorentina have only won one game after the first six matches of the season played for the first time since the 2010/11 season.
Fiorentina have not achieved any success in the first three away games of the season in two of the last three seasons (the other in 2020/21).
Bologna won a home match in Serie A for the first time since April 2022 (Bologna 2-1 Inter).
Martinez Quarta scored his second goal in Serie A. The first since the one scored in the home match against Parma on 7 March 2021, again on the development of a corner kick.
The last three Serie A goals Riccardo Saponara has been involved in in Serie A have come in matches in which he took over from the bench (one goal v Salernitana and two assists v Sassuolo and Bologna).
Presence number 50 with the Fiorentina shirt for Riccardo Sottil in Serie A.
Match number 100 in Serie A for Lorenzo Venuti, 69 of these played with the Fiorentina shirt.

The first historic point of Monza in Serie A reaches the sixth day, the Brianza area still remains last in the standings, just two points from the fourth-last Lecce. The hosts rely on the accelerations of Banda, who sows panic on the wing, and close the lead with a header from Baschirotto. The guests, however, hit first in the 35th minute with Sensi, author of a fine free kick in his first goal with the Monza shirt. However, the joy did not last long, because at the start of the second half Gonzalez, as soon as he entered, took three minutes to establish the tie with a quick tap-in on Di Gregorio rejected. The Monza goalkeeper himself then saves the result in the final on Colombo, then the Var takes care of the recovery in not assigning the penalty to the Apulians.

LECCE (4-3-3): Falcone 5.5, Gendrey 6, Pongracic 5.5, Baschirotto 6.5, Pezzella 5.5 (17 ‘st Gallo), Bistrovic 6 (37’ st Askildsen sv), Hjulmand 6, Helgason 5 (1 ‘st Gonzalez 6.5), Di Francesco 5.5 (31 ‘st Rodriguez sv), Ceesay 5.5 (18’ st Colombo sv), Band 7. Available: Brancolini, Umtiti, Tuia, Cetin, Oudin, Lemmens, Blin , Listkowski. Herds Baroni 6
MONZA (3-5-2): Di Gregorio 7, Izzo 6, Pablo Marì 5.5, Marlon 6, Birindelli 5 (1 ‘st Molina 5.5), Pessina 5 (14’ st Valoti 5.5), Rovella 5.5 (13 ‘st Colpani 5.5), Sensi 6.5 (43 ‘st Machin), Carlos Augusto 6, Mota Carvalho 6, Caprari 5.5 (14’ st Ciurria 6). Available: Cragno, Marrone, Bondo, Barberis, Caldirola, Antov, F. Ranocchia, Gytkjaer, Vignato, Carboni. Herds Stroppa 5.5
Referee: Pairetto
Markers: pt 35 ‘Sensi (M), st 3’ Gonzalez (L)
Note: Birindelli, Sensi, Gendrey, Di Francesco, Banda, Molina were booked.

Stefano Sensi’s is Monza’s 1st away goal in Serie A. 4 of the 10 goals of the ’95 class in the top flight came from outside the box.
Stefano Sensi scored two goals against Lecce in Serie A, only against Udinese he scored more in the tournament (three).
10th goal in Serie A for Stefano Sensi, 1st on direct free kick.
Joan Gonzàlez is the 1st Spanish footballer in the history of Lecce to score in Serie A.
Joan Gonzàlez’s goal after 129 seconds is the second fastest goal by a player who took over this Serie A season after that of Yayah Kallon (104 seconds) in Empoli-Verona.
Lecce are one of the only two teams to have scored two players born after 2002 in this Serie A season, together with Udinese (Joan Gonzàlez and Lorenzo Colombo for the Salento players).
Lecce have drawn three of their first six Serie A games of the season for the third time in their history, after 2001/02 and 1985/86.
Lecce have scored in 13 consecutive home matches in Serie A, equaling their record streak in the tournament dating from the period between March 2009 and December 2010 (13) and the period between December 2004 and May 2005 (13).
Monza lined up its starting line-up with the youngest average age of this league: 25 years and 340 days.

It is a Udinese formed in Europe with the fourth place that is worth the Champions zone, Sassuolo instead pays the man less and for the fourth game in a row comes out without a win. It is Frattesi shortly after the half hour to break the balance of a match up to that moment equal. Conclusion in the area after an assist with a soft touch by Lauriente. The hosts have the advantage in the result, but with a numerical disadvantage in the 43rd minute: in fact, the red arrives directed at Ruan Tressoldi, guilty of a foul by the last man on Success launched on the net. No doubt and in the second half the Friulian assault on Sassuolo starts, the neroverde wall holds up to the 75th minute when Beto offsets higher than all and signs the same header on a cross from Pereyra. Udinese believes in a comeback, the victory takes the form of recovery with Samardzic and yet another unleashed Beto.

SASSUOLO (4-3-3)
: Tips 6, Toljan 5.5, Tressoldi 5, Ferrari 5.5, Rogerio 6, Frattesi 6.5 (23 ‘st Harroui sv), Maxime Lopez 6.5, Mateus Henrique 5.5 (47’ st Alvarez sv) , Lauriente 6.5 (23 ‘st Thorsvedt sv), Pinamonti 5.5 (36’ st Marchizza sv), Kyriakopoulos 5.5 (1 ‘st Ayhan 5.5). Available: Pegolo, Russo, Ayhan, Obiang, Ceide, Antiste. Annex Dionisi 5.5
UDINESE (3-5-2): Silvestri 6, Perez 5.5, Becao 5.5, Ebosse 5 (1 ‘st Ehizibue 5.5), Pereyra 6.5, Lovric 5.5, Walace 5.5 (22’ st Nestorovski 6), Arslan 5 (1 ‘st Samardzic 5,5), Udogie 6, Success 6 (22’ st Beto 7,5), Deulofeu 7 (36 ‘st Makengo sv). Available: Padelli, Piana, Festy, Jajalo, Abankwah, Nuytinck. Annex Sottil 6.5
Referee: Camplone
Markers: pt 33 ‘Frattesi (S), st 30’ Beto (U), st 46 ‘Samardzic (U), st 48’ Beto (U)
Note: Becao, Ebosse, Maxime Lopez are booked; Tressoldi expelled

Presence number 446 for Andrea Consigli in Serie A who reaches Dario Dainelli and Sebastian Frey at 35th position in the standings for appearances in the top flight.
Davide Frattesi is one of the four Italian midfielders with at least 6 goals scored since his Serie A debut (2021/22): Pellegrini, Candreva and Zaccagni the other three.
Davide Frattesi scored his sixth Serie A goal, his second against Udinese, and they were all scored from inside the penalty area.
Armand Laurienté served his first assist in Serie A 156 days after his last winning pass in major European leagues when he wore Lorient (April 8 against Saint Etienne).
Since the beginning of last season (21/22) this is the fifth red card received by Sassuolo: four of these five expulsions have been decreed for defenders.
Beto scored his second Serie A goal against Sassuolo, and also scored in two consecutive away games in the competition for the second time (the first in October 2021 against Atalanta and Sampdoria).
From the 2020/21 season Roberto Pereyra is the Udinese player to have participated in the most goals in Serie A (24: nine goals and 15 assists).
Udinese are the only team to have two different players with at least 3 assists provided in this Serie A: three for both Deulofeu and Pereyra.
Udinese scored 13 points after the first six games in Serie A for the fourth time in their history (the others in 2000/01, 2008/09 and 2014/15).
Beto is the second Udinese player to score a brace as a substitute in Serie A since 1994/95 (the first was Olivier Bierhoff in May 1998).

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