Serie B – Legnano Knights towards sold-out with Vigevano


After a series of good performances and results useful for placing among the top four in the class, Legnano had to deal with the bad performance of Montecatini, which ended with a 68-50 defeat.
The test that awaits the Knights is even tougher or, perhaps, the toughest ever. Elachem Vigevano arrives at the PalaBorsani, first in the standings with 28 points won, like Pielle Livorno.

The first leg match went to coach Piazza’s men, with the result 67-64, establishing a very clear concept. It’s difficult to win at PalaBasletta and, in general, against Vigevano, but Legnano has all it takes to star in an excellent season. After the first round, the concept was confirmed and the results were seen in black and white. After just under 4 months there is the possibility of confronting each other again and expectations are very high.

Vigevano’s roster is unchanged, as are the balances that were already taking shape in the first days of the championship. Coach Paolo Piazza can have, like Legnano on the other hand, two point guards who can spend many minutes on the parquet. Alberto Benites and Filippo Rossi are interchangeable, but they can also play together, a bit like Tommaso Marino and Gian Marco Drocker.

One of the fixed points, now a symbol for Vigevano, is Michele Peroni. Versatile, fighter, always there when he counts and the ball is hot. He gave continuity to the project and made the illustrious departures weigh less. Compared to last season, the farewells of elements such as Gatti and Giorgi have weakened, on paper, the Vigevano roster. In concrete terms, however, the additions of Lorenzo D’Alessandro and Stefano Laudoni have brought a lot of quality to the staff available to coach Piazza. D’Alessandro is unquestionably one of the best players in the group, averaging almost 13 points and 6 rebounds and, above all, crazy shooting percentages.

The unforgettable ex Laudoni, on the other hand, with his experience and the physical qualities that distinguish him is always able to make a difference. Of course, being able to have a player like Jacopo Mercante is not for everyone, even if his presence is in doubt for the PalaBorsani match, after missing the last few outings. As well as having another change for the control room like Giovanni Ragagnin, very useful when coach Piazza wants to do some experiments and make the quintet smaller.

Under the basket, Strautmanis and Broglia are giving their contribution to the cause, mixing quantity and quality in the best possible way, in an attempt to trigger the other elements of the quintet, and vice versa.
Vigevano is a tough nut to crack, it certainly won’t be discovered at the beginning of February 2023, and he has every intention of keeping the lead in the standings. It will be a great match, with a stake that is nothing short of attractive for both teams and 2 points with a very high specific weight.
Appointment on Sunday 5 February, at the PalaBorsani in Castellanza, with the duet at 18:00.

No particular problem for the Knights

1st Referee: LILLO DENNY from BRINDISI (BR)

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