“She is gone”, the sudden loss tears the hearts of the subjects: the little ones of the house destroyed


Bad news from the UK, she’s gone forever. There comes the sudden death of one of the most important people in the royal family. The little ones of the house are destroyed and even the hearts of the subjects are in a thousand pieces.

Mourning for the Royal Family and the children of the Windsor house –

The subjects are heartbroken, great pain even for the little ones of the Windsor house: she left suddenly, his death left a void in the heart of the English nation. What a great drama.

Mourning in England, the hearts of the subjects are broken

Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle they again become the scene of dramas and tragedies. Unfortunately, 2022 was not the best year for one of the royal families most talked about and known in the world.

Royal Family in mourning
Royal Family in mourning –

There Queen Elizabeth and his family members have had to cope with problems of a different nature. First, the British sovereign is facing some mobility disorders which prevent her from being 100% energetic and in good health.

Prince Charles let himself be overwhelmed by social pressures and as the German weekly tells us Das NeueHe had a mild heart attack. Prince Andrew instead continues to embarrass the royal family because of his sexual harassment dramas and allegations.

In short, there is no good wind in England and here in the midst of so many tragedies, another one arrives, as if that were not enough: she died suddenly and his loss broke the hearts of the subjects and the little ones of the royal house.

She left suddenly: she died, the children of the upset Windsor house

Bad news from the UK, she just died suddenly, much to everyone’s surprise. We are talking about Christine Hill, the midwife as well as one of the best friends and confidant of Kate Middleton.

Christine Hill
Christine Hill –

The woman she died at 74 for reasons that are not yet known today. Christine Hill was an important landmark for the Duchess of Cambridge in all her pregnancies, especially in that of Prince George.

In 2013, when Kate and William they were at their first experience as new parents, Christine gave them individual and private lessons at his West London home. His death, as a spokesman for the Hill family knows to the Daily Mail, has truly left everyone devastated:

“We will miss him painfully. Her exuberant, funny and direct behavior has earned her many friends ”.

Kate was very upset, as well as her children who got to know her and to live it in these few years of life. Christine was a vital support for the Duchess of Cambridge in all three pregnancies.

In particular, William’s wife, especially with Prince George, suffered from hyperemesis gravidarumstrong bouts of morning sickness and vomiting who even forced her to hospitalization.

Christine has always spent beautiful words for the Dukes of Cambridge and precisely on the occasion of the birth of Prince George, in an interview with the Telegraph, he had declared:

“The Cambridge will be a very strong parenting team. I am sure they will help each other ”.

His words turned out to be prophetic. The Dukes of Cambridge are a wonderful family. Despite so many problems they have had to face as monarchs but also as a couple, today they are stronger than ever. The help that Christine has given them has certainly been fundamental. Kate and the little ones are heartbroken. Windsor House is in mourning.

Babies from the Windsor house
The sad little ones of the Windsor house

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