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Have you ever wondered why shopping carts were made just like this? The answer is not so obvious and above all it literally leaves you speechless.

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We are used to going to the supermarket and take the trolley, today with the help of a coin, load it with shopping and go away. No one ever wonders why they are made of aluminum and have grates? It is true that some supermarkets have adopted the closed plastic version, but it has not had a long life and the reason is always the same. Let’s take a trip through the history of the cart and why it was designed this way.

Who invented the shopping cart?

To understand the history of the truck well, we need to take a step back in time to 1937. Sylvan Goldman he was born into a family of salesmen and as a trader he never had much luck, even considering the great depression and the collapse of Wall Street in 1929.

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In one of his Oklaoma shops observed some mothers with children having many difficulties in managing. Baskets full of goods and children running around, with products that fell because they were impossible to hold.

One night he started thinking and looking at one simple folding chair he had an enlightenment. He put the basket on the seat and another under the chair, imagining wheels and a handle: this prototype came to life two months later and the trolley revolutionized the way people shop.

Shopping cart history
History of the shopping

Unfortunately, the start was not the best because many men they weren’t ready to admit they needed it. There Goldman’s marketing move it was miraculous, hiring good-looking women to walk around with the trolley inside the store pretending to do the shopping.

From that moment the cart has been viewed differently, and three years after its introduction, US grocery stores have designed wider aisles for customers and their shopping carts to pass through.

The trolley we know today was patented by Orla Watson in 1947 taking the first and the original as an example. Obviously, over time there have been some aesthetic and functional adjustments but the concept has never changed.

Why are shopping carts just like that?

Once we understand who invented the shopping carts and the evolution of this container with wheels, let’s try to understand the motivation of its shape. There are various studies on this and they all lead to the same answer.

The shopping cart shows up in steel, with four multidirectional wheels and a handle to carry it easily. The grateful have been designed for these fundamental reasons:

  • The gratings allow the cashier to see all products who are inside it, without forgetting anything (or stealing something);
  • Being completely open, their cleaning is easy. Just imagine the classic bottle with the tomato sauce that breaks, nothing will remain inside the trolley and the liquid will spill on the ground;
  • It is open so that it can stay outside and, if not covered, the rain will not stay inside creating many inconveniences.
Modern shopping carts
Modern shopping

Steel was chosen, although there is no confirmation, because it has a lower production and maintenance cost and everyone can afford it. In addition, the steel shopping trolley has a long life because it is resistant to shocks and stresses. It undergoes improvements over time, but the basic concept is still the same.

From today on, we will look at the shopping cart with different eyes.

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