Sinner-Fognini, derby show. Jannik wins after a long duel and goes to the Round of 16 Final 6-2, 3-6, 6-3


Sinner-Fognini, derby show.  Jannik wins after a long duel and goes to the Round of 16 Final 6-2, 3-6, 6-3
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Jannik wins the all-Italian generational duel at the Internazionali: his was the decisive starting point in the third set. Now he finds the Serbian Krajinovic in the round of 16

21:25 – Derby show, Sinner in the second round. Fognini comes out with honor

(Marco Calabresi) The Foro Italico deserved a derby of Italy like this. It was won by the favorite player, Jannik Sinner, who beat Fabio Fognini 6-2, 3-6, 6-3 in two hours and 1 ‘but, after a first set that caused fear of the coat, there was a game. . Thanks to Fabio who held on with pride but also because of Jannik’s demerit, at times he seemed too passive and that if he wants to go deeper into the scoreboard he will have to be more continuous and less foul. Sinner on Thursday 12 May (third match on Central) in the second round will face the Serbian Krajinovic, who yesterday eliminated Rublev: a precedent, the semi-final in Sofia last year, won by the blue.

The route outlined: in the quarters possible crossing with Tsitsipas (who tamed Dimitrov in the best match of the day), possible semifinal with Zverev, then who knows. And Sinner, at the time of autographing the camera, also wanted to claim his footballing faith towards that of the opponent. Go Milan. I tried my best – his words -. Fabio a great friend, we played an excellent level of tennis, I’m happy to have won but I hope he can go on for a long time. The derby half Italian and half Rossonerazzurro began with six points in a row by Fognini, which was followed by seven in a row by Sinner, who built the first break of the match with this series.

There was immediately another, favored by a double foul followed by a straight from Fognini out of a meter. A heavy 4-1 then became 5-1 with a magnificent dampening. A few shots of his, Fabio pulled him out, but in every exchange that stretched beyond the first shots it paid for Sinner’s depth. Then the audience tried to encourage him, he reacted by canceling a set point but still yielding 6-2 in a Sinner service game in which the chair judge had also dropped to check the sign of a ball called good by the referee. line, challenged by Fognini but confirmed by the referee. In the third game of the second set, a fan gave Fognini a scare. Fabio, Inter are losing. He immediately realized that it couldn’t be possible since it was barely 8 pm, he had a laugh and had the best moment of his game. He had three break points in the fourth game, he took advantage of the first with a great cross passer who exalted a Central who with the passing of the minutes and with the end of the working day became full.

Too bad that immediately after the best Fognini the worst came out: at the point of 30-40 the first throw of the racket on the ground, then double foul and racquet slammed four times to the ground until it splits. After the outburst, however, two more balls of 4-2 on Sinner’s serve: the first defused by Jannik with a short ball to peel his hands, the second transformed with a terrifying backlash. Sinner was no longer able to bite the opponent, Fognini held himself on excellent levels; raised the damping on the set point, Jannik – who in the second set had only 34% of the first on the field – ditched the forehand at the net and went to the third set, disturbed by the helicopter that started flying over the Central . A well-deserved verdict, especially for Fognini’s desire to fight, not at all resigned to throwing the little boy a party. Jannik realized that only by dominating the exchange and playing to his standards would he win points and the game. He canceled a break point and then won the first game, then he had two to go 2-0 but Fabio canceled them. Of the three to fly 3-1, the first was enough for a double fault by Fognini. After a break of 12 points to zero, Sinner gave his opponent yet another chance to return: three break points and everything reopened at 4-3. Fognini, on his service, trashed it, yielding the bar again to 15. And at that point came the triple whistle of the first of the two Italian derbies within less than a kilometer.

21:14 – Jannik more solid, now he finds Krajinovic

Sinner then wins the all-Italian battle at the Internazionali. Fognini had ups and downs, Jannik was good at being solid throughout the game. At the end of the match Fognini has 24 winners and 39 free errors, Sinner 19 winners and 26 errors. Tomorrow in the round of 16 he finds the Serbian Krajinovic.

9:11 pm – 6-3 Sinner

Very solid at the beat Sinner, Fognini goes out of bounds with the forehand and lets the game slip away. Jannik climbs 40-0 and ends with a winning serve and a handful of joy. Sinner wins in 2 hours and 1 minute for 6-2, 3-6, 6-3.

9:07 pm – 5-3 Break Sinner

Another break, this time for Sinner. Jannik snatches the joke at 15 from the Ligurian tennis player and goes to 5-3 and serve. I will go to the bar to close the match.

9:03 pm – 4-3 Break by Fognini

Fognini wins a great exchange, closed by a backhand forward on the line and goes 0-30 on Sinner’s service. Then a free backhand from Jannik and Fognini finds the break with a sensational diagonal forehand.

8:57 pm – 4-2 Sinner

Fognini continues to struggle. He is unable to reconnect the plug, he goes down 15-30 in the sixth game of the third set. Then a couple of Sinner’s mistakes put him back on track. Fabio keeps the bar at 30 and stays in the game.

20:55 – 4-1 Sinner

Fognini foul, he began to miss even simple shots. Sinner keeps the bat at 0, partial of 12 consecutive points for Jannik from 0-30 in the third game of the third set.

20:53 – 3-1 Break Sinner

Moment of fogging of Fognini. Passing to empty for Fabio who disconnects the plug and loses the bar to 0. Break for Jannik who leads to 3-1 and service.

20:47 – 2-1 Sinner

Sinner keeps the service: from 0-30 he finds four consecutive points and goes on 2-1. He still leads him in the first set.

20:44 – 1-1

Fognini cancels two break points in a big way and keeps the service. The game went up in blows, Fabio and Jannik are now playing at a very high level.

20:34 – 1-0 Sinner in the third set

Immediately a break point for Fognini, canceled well by Sinner with a kick service that throws Fabio out of the field on the backhand side, and a forehand closure on the opposite side. Then two consecutive points for Jannik who climbs 1-0.

20:32 – 6-3 Fognini in the second set

Fognini keeps the service at zero: 6-3 in the second set for Fabio, who evened the scores. An even set, everything is decided in the third set.

20:25 – 5-3 Fognini

Interlocutory Game: Sinner keeps his serve at zero with Fognini who is already thinking about his turn to serve.

20:22 – 5-2 Fognini

Fognini took the chair. The Ligurian tennis player also improves his serve, keeping the serve at 15 and moving to 5-2. He makes sure to serve for the second set.

8:11 pm – 4-2 Break Fognini

Fognini show on the Centrale. With a backhand along the spatial line, Fabio finds another break, at the end of the most beautiful game of the match, in which Sinner also performed with a splendid short ball. 4-2 Fognini.

8:07 pm – 3-2 Break Sinner

Fognini misses a backhand that brings Sinner to a break point and drops the racket, then commits a double fault and destroys the racket. Fabio’s first outburst in the match.

8:01 pm – 3-1 Break Fognini

A wrong backhand from Sinner and Fognini climbs 0-30 on Jannik’s serve. Then a fulminating straight line from Fabio leading to 0-40. Then another super straight, passing diagonally and break at 0. Fognini ahead 3-1 and serve.

7:57 pm – 2-1 Fognini

Fognini is going up. A descent to the net and a slap on the fly after a nice straight lead Fabio to 40-15, then a short ball missed by Sinner and Fognini holds the serve for the third consecutive time.

7:53 pm – 1-1

Sinner keeps the service still aided by Fognini’s free. Fabio returns to the bar to stay ahead in the second set.

19:51 – 1-0 Fognini in the second set

Bravo Fabio, in the first game of the second set. He varies with the slice, closes with the acceleration of forehand diagonally.

7:40 pm – 6-2 Sinner

Sinner closes the first set 6-2 in 35 minutes. Many mistakes by Fognini, who just finished the partial left the field and entered the locker room. For Fabio 7 winners and 15 errors, Jannik 7 winners and only 8 free.

7:36 pm – 5-2 Sinner

Let go of the Fognini arm a little. First a nice backhand down the line, then two very fast forehand. Fabio cancels a set point and keeps the serve, interrupting Sinner’s series of 5 games in a row.

19:30 – 5-1 Sinner

With a nice short backhand ball, coming out of the service, Jannik keeps the serve at 30 and goes on 5-1.

7:26 pm – 4-1 Sinner

Second break for Sinner, who takes advantage of Fognini’s mistakes and goes to 4-1. Fabio complains with his corner, throws a shot in the stands. He doesn’t look like he’s on his best day yet.

7:21 pm – 3-1 Sinner

Sinner confirms the break, partial of 12 points to 2. Fognini, who called the physiotherapist to have the bandage on his left ankle loosened, seems to be in great difficulty. Slow and foul.

7:18 pm – 2-1 Sinner

Four free errors by Fognini (three with the forehand), all very bad. Three consecutive break points for Sinner, who takes advantage of the second and goes to 2-1 and service.

7:14 pm – 1-1

Two forehand errors by Fognini at 0-30 allow Sinner to go up in his first serving, then held at 30 with a good first. 1-1

7:08 pm – 1-0 Fognini

A couple of Sinner’s mistakes in this early game, always with a backhand. Solid Fabio in the service, he keeps the first turn at zero

7:03 pm – Here are Fabio and Jannik

Fognini and Sinner have just taken the field. Central is filling up quickly. Jannik won the draw and chose to respond. Therefore, Fognini will start serving.

6:50 pm – What a match we should expect

Fourteen years of difference – and a very different way of interpreting tennis – will also determine the physiognomy of the match. Fognini probably baser it on the search for short exchanges and accelerations on the first shots, so as not to be swallowed up by the opponent’s power. Sinner’s strategy, which he is experimenting with, is less predictable new solutions, such as the descent to the net: the mutation of his game, which began with the change of coach (from Piatti to Vagnozzi) continues but, in words, Jannik has not been unbalanced about Fognini’s strengths. I’ll tell you tomorrow. That is tonight.

17:29 – The first time ever

Sinner and Fognini have never faced each other in official matches. The first approach took place last year, when Sinner joined the Davis Cup team, and Fognini (with Bolelli) helped him to integrate. in tonight’s match, on the one hand, there will be the freshness of Sinner, who in the match on Tuesday against Pedro Martinez proved to have put the ugly defeat in Madrid against Auger-Aliassime behind him; on the other, the pride of Fognini, who is physically well and wants to prove that he is no less than the new generation.

16:06 – At 19 on Sky

The match was scheduled as the opening of the evening session, starting at 7 pm on the Central Courttwo hours before the final of the Italian Cup between Juventus and Inter, which will be played a few meters further on, which will see Inter Fognini an interested spectator: it will be possible to follow him live on Channel 20 and on Sky Sport Arena, as well as on the streaming platforms of Mediaset and Sky. HERE the piece on where to see it on TV

3:58 pm – Sinner-Fognini in Rome

There are two Italians left at the Foro Italico, Jannik Sinner and Fabio Fognini, and tonight 11 May they will play against each other in the second round of the Rome Internationals. A generational duel, given that they separate 14 years, with Fognini who will turn 35 on May 24 and Sinner who goes for 21.

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