Smallpox of monkeys, Spallanzani: presence of the virus in the seminal fluid. Bassetti: “Beware of sexual relations”


Smallpox of monkeys, Spallanzani: presence of the virus in the seminal fluid.  Bassetti: “Beware of sexual relations”
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The virus responsible for the monkeypox it is present in the semen of an infected person. The discovery is made by researchers from the Spallanzani Institute of Rome which were the first in the world to isolate the virus from seminal fluid from a patient six days after the disappearance of symptoms and, in cell culture, it has been shown to be capable of infecting and replicating in the laboratory. So far, the Institute highlights, the presence of the genetic material of the virus has been detected in the seminal fluid of 6 of the 7 patients studied at Spallanzani, but in this case the virus has also been isolated in culture.

The discovery

Researchers are conducting further studies on the duration and persistence of the virus in the semen and in other biological materials, to fully understand the mechanisms of human-to-human transmission of this virus. In particular, the discovery could shed light on the role of sexual transmission, hypothesized in the context of the current outbreak which involved over 1000 cases, reported by 28 countries around the world where this infection is not endemic. This result follows the work of the Institute’s researchers on Monkeypox which led to the identification of the first Italian cases, the subject of an article last week in the journal of the European Center for Disease Control Eurosurveillance, and the first sequencing of Monkeypox virus in Italy, which has shown that this virus belongs to the strain responsible for the current international spread.

«Spallanzani continues in his great performances. Our researchers have discovered, as the first in the world, that the virus responsible for monkeypox can be present in semen. I want to thank them and I also want to thank the new director of Virology Fabrizio Maggi ». Francesco highlights it Go todirector of the Inmi Spallanzani of Rome, commenting on the discovery “signed” by Spallanzani, which will shed new light on the role of sexual transmission in the outbreak of monkeypox. “We have always said, even in difficult times, for example to young people, that we can and must allow ourselves everything, to live life but in conditions of safety”, is the message that Vaia addresses above all to young people.

Bassetti: we will come to thousands of cases

Meanwhile, the exponential growth of cases of monkeypox in the world continues: “Over 1,500 in 48 countries of the world between confirmed and suspected – said Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa -. Data indicating a global spread, with more than 100 new cases every day. We will soon reach a few thousand ».

“Right now, beyond the Rome Pride on Saturday, we must pay close attention to sexual intercourse, because monkeypox is transmitted through very close relationships and therefore, as with many sexually transmitted infections, by direct and sexual contact . Maximum precaution, therefore, and information should be given to all those who have sexual relations, regardless of whether they are homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. Recommendations that should also be made in collaboration with associations. And in some cases it might be worth thinking about vaccination in the short term, given that it works and would also avoid problems “.


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