Smartphone, delete these applications immediately: all your savings are in danger


Be careful with these apps, your phone may be infected and you don’t know it. Viruses masquerading as applications from the Play Store have been identified, scammed millions of users.

Recently the well-known company of cyber safety McAfee has individualized 16 app dangerous from Play store. Behind the facade from applications innocent there are hidden viruses of the category “adware“, that is software which aims to exploit the infected device to defraud international advertising circuits.

Over 20 million downloads have been made, one of which alone has reached 10,000,000 downloads. Many users have fallen victim to these fakes appnot even noticing all the time that their device is infected.

These types of software are very adept at hiding and operating in the shadows, able to blend in with other applications of the store deceiving million users. This time thanks to the well-known company of cyber security, it was possible to track them down, allowing us from identify them before we can even download them. We see together the list of these app infected and how they work.

Virus Adwarehow they operate

The type of virus these fall into app is adwarederived from “ads“, i.e. advertising, and “software”. The purpose of a adware is that of show banner ads or click on them, in order to receive payment from the advertising circuit. Their earnings predict that thousands of are used smartphonesor sites where there are banners are opened thousands of times.

According to the company of cyber safety McAfeeapplications managed to do both generating billions of clicks from 20 million devices. Even difficult to imagine the amount earned, unbeknownst of unsuspecting users, by those who set up this scam system.

16 app incriminate they took control of smartphones on which they were installed and proceeded to open a background browseri.e. in the background. The user he saw nothing while they worked in the shadow.

Through the browser, websites set up only to contain banner ads were opened, which were clicked directly by the hidden code of the app. In practice, he was able to simulate the behavior of a real user. Thousands of clicks were thus generated every hour for each smartphones infected, each of which was then paid to the owners of the sites that hosted the banners and which, of course, were linked to app that generated clicks.

The user has no way to find out that his device is infected because the app they began their work alone after at least 60 minutes since installation. The damage for the user was limited to one excessive battery consumption (the phone was always operational) and data from the phone plan because the app they worked even without the connection Wifi.

Which app avoid

There society of security has made public the names of app infected found on the Play store. The app found are 16 and range from all kinds. The most downloaded is an app camera, but there are also app for taking notes, readers of qr Queues, utilities for Instagram and for the maintenance of smartphones, a currency converter and much more. Here is the list of app to avoid:

  • High Speed Room.
  • Smart Task Manager.
  • Flashlights.
  • Block notes (app in Korean).
  • K-Dictionary.
  • BusanBus.
  • Flashlights.
  • Quick Note.
  • Currency Converters.
  • Joycodes.
  • EzDica.
  • Instagram Profile Downloaders.
  • ez Notes.
  • Electric torch (app in Korean).
  • Calculator (app in Korean).
  • Flashlights+ (app alternative).

All these app have already been removed from the Play store from Google, after reporting of the company from cybersecurity. In the vast majority of cases the app removed from Play store for security reasons, they also automatically disappear from the smartphones on which they were installed, thanks to the mechanisms of Google play protect.

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