Smartphones kill our physical health: Study is scary


Did you know that smartphones can kill our physical health: what a study reveals is truly frightening! Care must be taken.

The smartphones they have long been man’s right hand, the shadow that never leaves us and that follows us everywhere. But these do not always bring us benefits.

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It is true that they are very useful for being able to communicate with other people and above all for being able to be updated in real time on what is happening in the world, to be able to have social networks on which to show off your outfits or put your ideas out there. But they are also very dangerous especially for the physical health: what a study has found does not bode well. But what do they have discovery the experts of so frightening and striking?

The physical health of each of us is at risk: using smartphones we could ‘lose’ a lot

With the advent of the smartphones more and more people have decided to study these devices; there have been people who focused on the ‘technical’ part of how it was structured and what it was for, others instead dealt with the inconvenience it could have brought to human beings and still others focused on the physical aspect and how this can change over time, getting worse.

Some scientists have even created a prototype of what the generation of the 3000s will be like if we continue to use the cell phone more and more. Well, the study that was conducted is really scary. It has been seen that the impact that the cell phone has on our body and on our psyche is by no means a walk in the park. Starting from the mind, we could say that the cell phone does nothing but decrease self-esteem of people, especially boys, ed to increase instead i disturbances Of anxiety And stress.

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The smartphone causes various physical ailments, especially headaches -ilovetrading

But the ones that worry the most are the effects that the cell phone has on our body. First, what suffers most are the eyes: the latter, in contact for a very long time, with the blue lights begin to be tired, to tear and above all the retina tends to thin, thus becoming really dangerous and forcing more and more people to wear eyeglasses.

But it certainly doesn’t affect only the view; what is most affected by it, after the view, is certainly the back and the whole spine. Obviously having the head and neck bent over a tiny device could lead us to have huge cervical and scoliosis problems. Once we read this tragic epilogue, which seems to be almost the beginning of a horror movie, we would feel like throwing away our cell phone. But there is also a solution to all of this.

The use of the smartphone damages our body: here’s how to avoid the worst

The scenario that the various scholars have shown us is truly apocalyptic, there seems to be no escape. It seems they are all destined for a really bad ‘end’ to go through.

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How to solve a woman’s physical problems caused by her smartphone – ilovetrading

But this is not the case, because we can avoid reaching extreme levels and then not being able to go back by following the following advice:

  • to avoid To spend many hours of your day attached to your cell phone;
  • turn it off an hour before going to bed and maybe drink a relaxing herbal tea, in this way our mind will be free and can rest in peace;
  • search for, as far as possible, to stand straighter with the neck and backnot arching them much;
  • set an alarm clock to understand how much time we have spent on social media or with a smartphone in hand and avoid spending the same time the following day.

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