So Sinner can beat Djokovic at Wimbledon: Jannik’s plan for the battle of London


So Sinner can beat Djokovic at Wimbledon: Jannik’s plan for the battle of London
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from Gaia Piccardi, sent to London

Sinner against reigning champion Djokovic: he must think as little as possible, forget the past and invent a plot. But on Centrale Nole he hasn’t lost since 2013

One was playing the junior Davis Cup for Yugoslavia at 14, the other was born into the world. The Immortal in 2003 was already a professional, the sorcerer’s apprentice was starting to ski. And when Novak Djokovic won the first of his twenty Grand Slam titles, Jannik Sinner still hadn’t picked up his racket.

In the (almost) three decades that divide them there is the sense of the challenge that today opens the program on the Wimbledon center: the Italian Next Gen bishop tries to evict the champion of the last three consecutive titles (6 in total); started quietly (Wawrinka in the first round was his first victory at ATP level on the grass), Jannik no longer travels with his lights off on Church Road, on the contrary, he is the special watched for the tournament. And if comparing Djokovic to Sinner makes the cream of strawberries go sideways to the gods of Wimbledon, just the former number one in the world to see a similarity not a distant relative of the investiture: I see myself a little in his game from the baseline: the flat backhand played by the line, the suffocating pressure on the opponent ….

In short, there is more than one good reason not to make appointments at 2.30 pm (Italian time) todayand not only because Djokovic-Sinner, present and future coming into contact in the splendor of the grass, the noblest quarter-final of a board that includes revived (Goffin), enfant du pays (Norrie), miraculous (Garin, the Chilean that Berrettini would have found in the first round if he had not taken Covid), talented psychoanalytic cases (Kyrgios), an American survivor of the US massacre of the quarters (Fritz) and the usual, immortal Nadal hunting, at 36 and with the nerve of a foot anesthetized by radiofrequency, of three quarters of the Grand Slam (the real one).

Jannik hasn’t changed one iota of his routinein preparation for the match with the Djoker: physiotherapy upon awakening, training, other physiotherapy, dinner in the villa rented with the team.
In those four games played with Novak the other day in training he tried to steal all the secrets from the Serbian

But how does Djokovic beat on central of Wimbledon, the place of the soul where the spirit of the Holy Trinity has not lost since 2013

(ending with Murray)? Keeping the initiative in hand as much as possible as with Alcaraz, who has taken away the time – replies Simone Vagnozzi, the coach who in February replaced Riccardo Piatti at the behest of Jannik -. Continuing to serve the second ball well, which he increased speed and variety to make himself more unpredictable, and to respond well: a shot he already knew how to execute well, on the grass he achieved excellent timing.

But Mats Wilander, talent Eurosport and king of 7 Slams (only quarters at Wimbledon) is not optimistic: I’m not at all sure Jannik already has enough firepower to annoy Nole. With him it is not enough to hit flat and hard and be combative. I advise Sinner to serve and volley every now and then, to still see Djokovic better in many aspects of the game.

An (im) possible challenge, which only another qualitative leap in the course of the Red Baron’s work can overturn. The precedent of Montecarlo 2021 (the Djoker in two sets) according to Vagnozzi does not count: That was land, and in the meantime many things have changed. It will be a whole new challenge.

Obligatory think as little as possible (When you introduce new elements to tennis, you think; and, if you think, you slow down the coach explains), forget the past, invent a plot. Whatever happens, Jannik Sinner is destined to return often on the central lawn of Church Road.

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