Some believe right shoulder pain means cancer, but here’s when to worry and grandma’s remedies

Some believe right shoulder pain means cancer, but here’s when to worry and grandma’s remedies
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A typical discomfort as we age is acute pain, which may be temporary or persistent, in the shoulder. Some people may even find it difficult to perform basic movements such as twisting their arms. These are pains that can also be disabling and are usually caused by tendon problems. However, it can also be a problem with bursitis, which is the accumulation of excess fluid in the shoulder joint. More precisely inside the synovial bursa, the pouch that encloses the joint. Because of this pain, even combing, dressing, and other activities of this kind become complex and painful.

As a rule, the traumatic cause can also be added to the joint cause, or that dependent on some diseases such as osteoarthritis. When it is not a question of dislocations or trauma or fractures, in the worst cases, another typical cause can be cervical osteoarthritis. If the pain is persistent, the best thing to do is to contact your doctor, who will arrange the necessary in-depth examinations. Some believe that shoulder pain indicates far more serious illness, but this is usually not the case. In case of temporary or sporadic discomfort, you can also intervene at home by doing some simple stretching exercises.

This type of stretching helps relieve pain and prevent other symptoms from occurring. Then there are always the timeless grandmother’s remedies: according to some schools of thought, heat helps relieve pain. According to others, however, it is the cold that is good for you.

Some believe right shoulder pain means cancer, but here’s when to worry and grandma’s remedies

For sure, try making a compress with a hot water bottle or an ice pack and seeing if it brings relief isn’t wrong. If it is not a specific bag, you can also proceed with hot or cold packs. Another natural trick is to use Epsom salts. Just prepare yourself a nice warm bath and add these crystals, which would have a soothing and relaxing effect. The warmth of the water also helps to tolerate pain better.

As for the exercises, they are very simple. The first is to lower the shoulder blades while standing and hold the position for 5 seconds. Repeat 10 times. The second is the opposite: you have to raise the shoulder blades and always hold the position for 5 seconds. Again, ten repetitions. Finally, the last useful stretching exercise is to bring the shoulder blades together by moving them backwards. As for the previous two, just hold the position for five seconds, repeating the exercise 10 times. The pain benefits would be immediate.


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