Spalletti: “If Koulibaly leaves, I wish him the best. Dybala? Many like him”


Spalletti: “If Koulibaly leaves, I wish him the best. Dybala? Many like him”
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The first media outing of the second season as a coach of the Naples from Luciano Spalletti arrives at the fourth day of work in the Dimaro-Folgarida training camp and at five from the first outing against the local amateurs of Anaune.

Naples, the fans “question” Spalletti in Folgarida

It was, however, a sui generis press conference, by time, location and … interlocutors. The Tuscan technician, together with Giovanni Di Lorenzo And Amir Rrahmaniin fact, he answered, at night, in the Folgarida theater, to the questions of the Azzurri fans who went up to Val di Non to see with their own eyes the birth of the new Naples, called to do without Lorenzo Insigne after ten seasons and that, at least according to news coming from England, Kalidou Koulibaly, who has become the number one goal of the Chelsea for defense. Spalletti made his debut by reiterating his ambitions on all fronts in the year of his return to the Champions League: “We are ambitious, I always expect my team to do something more, but this depends on many things. Reference form? We have used many, we will try to put our players more at ease to express their qualities“.

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Naples, Spalletti with Rrahmani and Di Lorenzo: “Ready and loaded for the championship”

“Mertens can also be an attacking midfielder, but he’s not here now …”

Then, on time, here are the questions on the “hot” topics, Koulibaly And Dries Mertens. Spalletti does not shy away, uttering words for the Senegalese defender that seem the prelude to a farewell: “We scored more points with Kalidou, but if he chooses to leave, we will never stop thanking him for everything he has given us. He is a very good person, if he makes different choices we will wish him the best possible because if he deserves it. Woe to anyone who will tell him something if he has to make different choices“. On the Belgian, on the other hand, Spalletti is not unbalanced and leaves the hope of the fans alight: “Dries can be an attacking midfielder, like Zielinski and Elmas, but since he is not with us for now, we will try to find alternatives.“. The category” dreams “, at least for the moment, belongs instead Paulo Dybalaof which Spalletti still draws a flattering portrait: “Many like him because he has the qualities to give many solutions to the team, he has flair and imagination. He beats set pieces very well and scores a lot of goals“. A certainty is instead Victor Osimhenwhose future will still be in Naples: “He is strong in the head, has enormous potential and must have faith in his teammates”The ‘sentence’ of the Tuscan technician.

Edoardo De Laurentiis:

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Edoardo De Laurentiis: “Dybala to Napoli? The ways of the Lord are infinite”

Rrahmani thanks Koulibaly: “I owe him everything”

The time of a Spalletti jab a Politano (“If he stays I’ll be happy, last year he made the most appearances after Elmas. I made everything available to him to express himself at his best“), then it was inevitable to ask Di Lorenzo and Rrahmani what could change in defense in the event of Koulibaly’s departure, but the Italian national team and the former Veronese, who in the last season made a steady couple in the center of the department with the Senegalese, they understandably made “wall”: “I hope Kalidou stays, because he is a very strong player. I learned everything from him“Rrahmani’s words. Much more” malleable “the question about more difficult players to mark: “There are many difficult players to face “said Rrahmani, while Di Lorenzo has chosen to unbalance:” Leao had an amazing championship, in the direct match he made me sweat a bit, but also Boga is very strong and difficult“.

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